And he's proving to be a very protective father.
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Fatherhood looks good on you, Ryan Reynolds! The actor can't seem to stop gushing over his two daughters, whether it's sharing delivery room tips or spilling the beans on his newest daughter's gender (he can't help it, he was so excited!). In an interview with eTalk, Reynolds opened up even more about his and Blake Lively's newest addition to the family.

"It didn't change the dynamic," Reynolds said about his approach to parenting now that there's another child in the mix. "There's just more. There's more love. There's more diapers. There's more all that stuff, you know. It's really kind of profound. I just love watching my older daughter take care of the newborn. That's been kind of neat to see."

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Welcome Baby Number Two!

Reynolds also shared what he thought 2-year-old James's name should be: Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds. "When I ran it up the flagpole with my wife, it was resoundly rejected," he said. He pitched the same name for baby number two. "I had the same name except all the letters in the name being silent-which, again, was confusing for everyone, especially me."

Though the private couple hasn't shared what the second child's name is, Reynolds did say that he and Lively "settled on the right one." The father of two little girls has also already expressed his opinion about them dating. "I'm doing my part to just wipe men off the face of the planet," he joked, but couldn't contain himself from gushing about parenting. "It's the best. It's the best! It's the best thing that could ever happen to you." James and Excalibur Anaconda are two lucky ladies!

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