Crepe-paper flowers offer several practical advantages over their natural counterparts: They won't wilt, droop, or drop petals, and they can be made to match the style and palette of a wedding in any season -- even if that means pink sunflowers in January. Each flower takes only about 10 minutes to make, so you can actually create your bouquet less than one week before your wedding. Or, spread the process out across your engagement, as Martha Stewart Living deputy crafts and holidays editor Jodi Levine did, and use those quiet moments to escape the often hectic planning.

To make a crepe-paper rose, you'll need our printable template; crepe paper in green, cream, and two shades of pink; cloth-wrapped floral wire; green floral tape; scissors; wire cutters; toothpicks; craft glue; and a small paintbrush for applying glue.

To make a stamen, cut a 2-by-2-inch rectangular piece of cream paper. Roll paper around the tip of a floral-wire stem, using a bit of glue to help it adhere. Cut a 2-by-2-inch piece of light-green paper; fold in half twice lengthwise, and snip fringe about 1 inch deep; unfold. Separate fringe and make it finer by rolling strips between your fingers. Wrap the green piece around the cream piece, then trim tops of the rolled pieces so the newly formed stamen is slightly domed on top. Cut out templates and trace onto crepe paper, using a dull pencil to avoid snags.

For each rose, make 28 petals (four small light pink, four small dark pink, four medium light pink, four medium dark pink, six large light pink, six large dark pink) and one green calyx. To make several petals at once, fold paper accordion-style before cutting. Sculpt the center of each petal, gently pulling so it becomes concave. Glue petals, wrapping them around base of stamen, starting with the smallest petals and then moving to medium and large, alternating light and dark as you work. Use glue sparingly so that it doesn't soak through the crepe paper, and allow the petals to open away from the center of the flower as you go. Cut out a green calyx; glue calyx around the base of the rose, allowing it to pull slightly away from the bloom. Shape with fingers.

We offer the following file in a PDF in order to make the details clear and printable. To view and print the file, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which most browsers already include. If you have trouble downloading the file, or if you'd like an upgrade, you can obtain the software for free from Adobe's website.


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