Send guests home with snacks and sweets in eye-catching wrappings. Create a pistachio-filled crepe paper cracker or a lollipop posy in a few quick steps. Other cute ideas: a dragee-stuffed envelope made from floral paper and sealed with a monogram, and a stamped box, with a ribbon pull, containing hard candies.

How to Make It

Crepe Paper Cracker: For the inner layer, make lengthwise accordion folds in 10-by-4-inch lightweight pink crepe paper; cut fringe on ends. For outer layer: Fold 12-by-8 1/2-inch heavyweight red crepe paper in half lengthwise. Cut ends into petal shapes ( download our template). Center pink paper on red; place 4 1/2-inch-long cardboard tube on top. Roll papers tightly around the tube, affixing with double-sided tape. Tie one end with a raffia bow. Use a paper funnel to fill tube with pistachios; tie the other end. Fluff petals and fringe.



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