If your idea of the perfect wedding involves snowflakes and hot cider, consider getting married during the winter season. Here are just a few of the perks of saying "I do" when it's cold outside!
Credit: Kate Osborne

Snow makes a stunning backdrop.

You've seen the photos: bare tree branches glistening with freshly fallen flakes as the bride and groom walk hand in hand along a glistening carpet of snow. It's romantic, cozy and exactly what you want for your own wedding! Heighten the romantic ambiance even more by stringing white lights on trees and lining walkways with glowing lanterns.

You'll spend less money on everything.

Since it's the off-season, vendors such as photographers and djs may be motivated to offer discounts to get your business. How great would that be to have people fighting over you! But be reasonable when negotiating-don't expect anyone to give away their services for free.

Competition for the best vendors will be low.

Since it's not a busy season like summer or fall, you'll stand a better chance of landing your top-choice suppliers. Even if you're trying to pull a wedding together on short notice, you may never hear, "Sorry we're already booked for that date" if it's winter.


Hot drinks make cool signature cocktails.

Warm up the crowd as soon as they enter the reception venue with fun libations that ward off the chill such as spiked hot chocolate, eggnog cocktails or mulled cider. You can even have a hot chocolate bar in lieu of a traditional dessert bar.

You can serve your favorite hearty dishes.

The cold temps call for a stick-to-the-ribs menu like chili, mac and cheese and onion soup served in ramekins-perfect cocktail hour food.

Everybody loves hanging out around a fireplace.

It'll be as popular among guests as the bar! So if you're lucky enough to have one at your venue, set up a mini drink station with those signature drinks so people can linger by the flames.

The décor may already in place.

If your wedding is around Christmas or Valentines Day, your venue may already be decorated. Strike "decorations" from your budget! If you need to supplement it, see if a sophisticated palette of silver, gold and white would work. Add lots of frosted snowflakes, crystal objects, and winter wreaths.

The RSVP acceptance rate will be high.

Since you won't be competing with your friends' and families' previous commitments (vacations, graduations, other weddings), you can expect that everyone you invited to your wedding will likely be there.


You can wear a luxe wrap.

'Tis the season to top off your gown with an amazing faux fur wrap or velvet cape for a little extra glamour to your look.

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It breaks up a dull winter.

Music, dancing, good food and drink, and an excuse to get out of the house and get dressed up-your friends and family will welcome an invite to your wedding!


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