How's that for team spirit?
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Mark Silvester didn't like soccer. His future father-in-law loved it. So when Silvester asked David Fleming-who happens to be a Huddersfield Town (a British football club) fan (of 51 years)-for permission to marry his daughter Christine, a hilarious ultimatum was set in place: Fleming would officially approve once Silvester attended three games with him.

According to the Daily Mail, Silvester avoided the request-using "a range of fantastic excuses," says Fleming-all the way up until the wedding day. Risky move!

For the sake of his daughter, Fleming resisted making a fuss, but not without a few good-humored wedding-day jabs. "I made a couple of comments in my speech and said the wedding was under warranty until Mark came to these three games," he told Daily Mail.

Little did he know, Silvester had the ultimate apology under his sleeve-literally! During his speech at the wedding reception, Silvester slipped off his formalwear to reveal a jersey honoring Fleming and his favorite team.

The crowd went wild, the bride beamed, and the shocked father-in-law proceeded to bow in respect-talk about earning your stripes! "I was thrilled to bits when Mark took his jacket and shirt off to reveal the Town shirt underneath," said Fleming. "It made me a very proud father-in-law. It was one hell of a stunt."

The move was a hit, and Silvester scored big time. The icing on the cake of this epic win? "David has written to Town commercial director Sean Jarvis asking him to officially welcome Mark into the Terriers family," says Daily Mail.

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