Make sure the pre-wedding party goes off without hitch.
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The purpose of a bachelorette party is to give the bride-to-be a break from wedding planning and let her cut loose with her closest friends. That means it's time for the maid of honor to step up to the plate and plan the perfect party. With the help of your bachelorette party planning timeline below, pulling it off couldn't be easier.

Five Months Out: Choose a Theme

While most of the details of the bachelorette party should be kept under wraps from the bride-to-be it's best to get a sense of what kind of soiree she's looking for before you start planning. Is it a low-key and relaxing day at the spa? A night out on the town decked out in sashes? A wine tasting weekend getaway? A flower arranging workshop followed by a mimosa brunch? Have a brief chat with your friend and see what type of bachelorette party theme she would like to have.

Five Months Out: Set the Guest List

Get a list of names from your friend. Be sure that everyone on the list is invited to the wedding and that all of the bridesmaids and any future sister-in-laws are included. You're not required to invite the mother-of-the-bride but if your friend is comfortable with her there and wants her to attend, invite her!

Five Months Out: Look at a Calendar

Typically a bachelorette party happens about a month or two before the big-day but if you're looking to have a destination party be sure to take into account what the weather might be during that timeframe and adjust accordingly-no one wants to party it up in Mexico in the middle of hurricane season. Also, if the ladies on the guest list reside in different corners of the world you may want to have something small and brief a day or two before the wedding (this would be the perfect opportunity to have a spa day).

Three Months Out: Send Save-the-Dates

Shoot an email to the invitees and let them know when the event will be taking place and an estimate of what the cost will be (remember that the bride-to-be does not pay and her portion will be split amongst the group). If any conflicts arise you'll have more than enough time to try and alter plans to accommodate people's budgets and schedules (but keep in mind that it may be impossible to find a day and amount of money that will work for everyone).

Three Months Out: Secure Airline and Hotel Accommodations

If you will be partying afar now is the time for guests to buy their airfare and reserve hotel rooms for the best rates and to ensure availability.

One Month Out: Finalize the Details

Email attendees to confirm the RSVP list and let them know the final cost of the party. If possible, have all the ladies download a money transferring app like Venmo so money can easily be sent to you (this will be especially useful if you need to put down deposits on any group activities).

One Month Out: Make Remaining Reservations

Book all the necessary reservations for dinner, cocktails, activities, and entertainment.

One Month Out: Don't Forget Transportation

The night should end with a collection of embarrassing group selfies, so be sure you have transportation at the ready throughout the festivities.

One Week Out: Stock Up on Supplies

Buy all the necessary bachelorette party decorations for the big night. This includes the aforementioned sashes (if that's the bride-to-be's thing) but also any other décor, props, and any items needed for planned games.

One Week Out: Finalize the Itinerary

Send a detailed itinerary to all the guests containing meetup time, addresses of all locations you'll be visiting, and any other pertinent information.

One Week Out: Confirm Reservations

Request that the hotel give you adjoining rooms, ask a for specific table at the restaurant, and be sure to remind everyone you speak with that you will be there with a bachelorette party in case the venues offer any special perks.

One Day Out: Send a Group Text

Two reasons to send a group text: One, it will get everyone pumped and excited for the next day; two, everyone will have each other's number in case people get separated from the group.

One Day Out: Check in with the Bride

Give your friend as many details as you can let on about the upcoming day.

One Day Out: Get Some Sleep!

You'll need it!


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