45 Guest Books From Real Weddings

guest signing guest book
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Wedding guest books are fun for both the couple and their celebrants—on the day of and beyond. Invite attendees to leave you a few well-wishes at your reception, and you're guaranteed to have a keepsake to look back on for years to come. Plus, your guests will get to leave their mark on your event—not to mention put in writing whatever they didn't have a chance to express in person on the big day.

Because you're sure to cherish your nearest and dearest's contributions (even if they're just signatures), you'll want to put them in something just as special. So, before your nuptials, we recommend picking out a book that you love and will always enjoy looking at. Note that it doesn't have to literally be bound pages—while guest "books" are a beloved tradition, nowadays, many are anything but traditional. Modern couples have swapped in replacements for their attendees to sign, including postcards, posters, and items like benches, globes, and buoys.

Ahead, explore this collection of guest books and their contemporary alternatives, all from real weddings. Whether you want something classic or totally creative, these sentiment-holders are bound to stir up great ideas for your own celebration. The following duos were inspired by their color palettes, hobbies and interests, wedding themes, and so much more.

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Signed Vows

guestbook with pen
Elizabeth Messina Photography

At this celebration, guests signed the couple's guest book and a copy of their vows.

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Mad Libs

New Years Eve Mad Lib Guestbook
Alison Conklin

Instead of filling out a standard guest book, attendees at this celebration completed fun Mad Libs-inspired sheets.

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Meaningful Guest Book

wedding guestbook
Carrie Patterson

The bride at this wedding made a guest book with the help of Artifact Uprising. It was filled with images of her mother's oil paintings.

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Ornate Guest Book

Rebecca Yale Photography

These pretty blue-green and light-gray books had intricate designs.

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Typed Messages

wedding guest book
Bonnie Sen Photography

For an antique touch, celebrants at this event typed their words on a continuous scroll with a typewriter.

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Family Guest Book

guest book
Amy Arrington Photography

At this wedding, the bride used the same guest book that her grandparents used.

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Hashtag Guest Book

Jesse Leake

This couple's guest book was a sign of the times. "A friend literally made a book of hashtags for everyone to write in," the bride shared. "It was hilarious to read them all after."

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Animal Poster

Jillian Zamora Photography

These two combined their first names (Holly and John) into "Jolly" to describe their celebration. They had "Jolly Wedding" written on a poster designed by Chris Riise, which was also covered in colorful animals to reflect their zoo event. They used the artwork as a guest "book."

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Pink Guest Book

Liz Banfield

This soft, pink guest book went with the rest of the wedding's palette.

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Gold-Foil Guest Book

stephanie jared wedding guest book
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

This white guest book was dressed up with the bride and groom's names in gold foil.

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Urban Guest Book

Corbin Gurkin

At actress Abby Elliott's wedding to her husband, Bill Kennedy, attendees wrote greetings in a book about New York City.

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Photo Album

wedding grandmother signing guest book
Jessica Antola

This guest book included photos, and was surrounded by them, too.

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White Guest Book

joyann jeremy wedding guest book
Christian Oth Studio

This classic guest book was made of white leather and decorated with gold foil.

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Floral Guest Book

Jose Villa

A floral design made this guest book stand out.

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Monogrammed Guest Book

wedding guestbook
Aaron Delesie

A monogram will personalize any guest book. Gold, white, and pink embroidery elevated this elegant one.

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Watercolor Poster

wedding guestbook

A bridesmaid painted this poster using watercolors, and had guests sign it in lieu of a guest book. The design was based off of the couple's medical professions.

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Library Cards

Caroline Lima Photography

Guests at this creative celebration signed the cards found on the inside of library books.

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Location-Specific Guest Book

wedding guest book
Katherine O’Brien Photography

A book about Texas—the couple's wedding location—served as the guest book at this event.

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Carved Guest Book

Amber Gress

This RedBerryGuestBooks book included the couple's initials, plus a carving of Long Island, where they got married.

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Signed Bench

Stacey Hedman

This couple had celebrants sign a bench instead of a book, which they could later put in their home.

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Sticker Guest Book

stephanie philip wedding maryland guest book
Katie Stoops Photography

At these nuptials, sticker labels, like those found on Champagne bottles, were provided. Guests toasted the new couple in writing, then stuck their notes inside the accompanying book.

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French Guest Book


At this wedding, the guest book was fashioned from a vintage French tome.

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Velvet Guest Book

Jose Villa

A custom guest book was covered in velvet and embossed with the couple's initials at these nuptials.

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Heirloom Guest Book

Alexandra Creswell

This bride had a custom guest book made from her paternal grandfather's old highway patrol binder.

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Camp Postcards

Jaclyn Simpson Photography

Rather than signing a traditional guest book, attendees wrote down well-wishes and messages to the bride and groom on postcards at their camp wedding.

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Resolution Wall


At this New Year's Eve celebration, a "take one, make one" resolution wall spelled out "M+J," the couple's initials. Guests chose a playful prediction (such as, "I resolve to visit Graceland") or added their own.

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Nautical Trinkets

Mr. Haack

Instead of a guest book, this duo chose a more interactive approach, which was fitting for the seaside setting. Lobster buoys—snatched up from a neighbor who was selling them in their front yard the week before the wedding—were affixed to an old door and dubbed the "Wishing Well." Guests signed the buoys with Sharpies and after the wedding, the newlyweds hung them in their spare bathroom. The fun idea was dreamt up and produced by Jesi Haack of Jesi Haack Design.

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Paper Scrolls

John Dolan

Loved ones at this wedding were invited to leave their best wishes for the newlyweds on paper scrolls.

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Love Letters

Laura Murray Photography

A collection of postcards depicted places special to the bride and groom. In lieu of a guest book, well-wishers wrote their sentiments on the cards. Note by note, the maid of honor later mailed them to the couple throughout their first year of marriage.

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Piñata Praise


At this wedding, guests wrote messages on slips of paper and stuffed them into a piñata, which the newlyweds plan to smash open on their fifth anniversary.

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Quaker Guest Book

Lauren Kinsey

Attendees signed a framed Quaker wedding certificate in lieu of a guest book as a promise to support the marriage of this couple.

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Signed Vinyls

Odalys Mendez

Instead of a guest book, attendees signed vinyl records at this soirée. The completed piece is now on display by the couple's record player at home.

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Friendly Flags

Anchor and Safety Throw Ring Accents
Annie McElwain Photography

Cards printed with nautical code flags in the event's seaglass palette were on hand for guests' well-wishes at this wedding.

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Motif Guest Book

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

The couple's initials (and wedding motif) adorned the guest book at their nuptial bash.

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Word Search

Chris and Sarah Rhoads

Instead of signing a guest book at this event, partygoers circled their names in a giant word search made by the bride's brother (also a graphic designer) and mounted on an easel.

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Wooden Oar

Max Wanger

This groom came up with the idea of using a wooden oar instead of a traditional guest book for everyone to sign at his wedding. Instructions were set out encouraging people to leave their mark for the couple as they navigate the waters of life together. Woodworker Chris Kitchens not only handcrafted the piece, but drove a couple of hours to the bride's mom's house to deliver it in person so as to avoid any possible damage before the wedding. After the event and before leaving on their four-month honeymoon to Europe, the couple hung the signed oar on their wall using a wooden holster made by Kitchens.

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Marked-Up Dictionary

Alison Conklin

At this destination wedding, friends and family signed a century-old dictionary with colored pencils and flagged encouraging words with rainbow-hued tags, creating a meaningful, long-lasting memento for the happy couple.

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Signed Buoy

Echard Wheeler Photography

This couple set out a life-ring buoy instead of a traditional guest book for attendees to sign as a keepsake of their beach wedding.

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Water Skis

Emily Steffen

Since they love to water ski, it was fitting that these two used a pair of vintage water skis they found antiquing to serve as the guest book at their wedding.

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Signed Globe

Elisabeth Millay

This couple's wedding guests signed an "adventure globe" to suggest future travel destinations for the newlyweds.

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Mailed Messages


Rather than signing a traditional guest book, guests at this wedding were given postcards with the bride and groom's address printed on the back to fill with good wishes during the reception and drop in a copper mailbox displayed in the lobby. The cards were to be mailed the next day by a friend of the couple so that the newlyweds would return from their honeymoon to a brimming mailbox.

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Lyric Guest Book

Alicia Swedenborg

CraftyPiePress created a personalized guest book with the couple's names and wedding date on the front cover. Lyrics from "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac were etched on the front cover as a nod to the song they walked down the aisle to. They also incorporated lyrics from their first dance song, "If I Used to Love You" by Daniel Lemma, etching a line from the song on the back cover.

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Venue-Themed Guest Book


This couple got engaged at the same resort where they said "I do," so they used a coffee table book about the place as their guest book.

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Historic Guest Book

KT Merry

A coffee table book showcasing Pennsylvania's historic homes served as this couple's guest book.

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Snapshot Guest Book

Elisa Bricker

This couple set up a snapshot station where guests took Polaroids of themselves and glued them into a green album.

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Silhouette Guest Book

Jose Villa

This bride hired an artist to create two silhouette portraits of every guest at the wedding—one to take home, and one to leave in the guest book with a congratulatory note.

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