Banish Blemishes

Adrenaline can lead to breakouts. If this happens, don't panic: Your dermatologist can administer a cortisone injection to begin reducing a pimple's swelling and redness. "Almost all my brides have an appointment the day before their wedding," says Ingleton. Within twenty-four hours, the blemish will have almost disappeared.

Put on Polish

Dzeneta Arslanovic, director of the Spa at Miami's the Shore Club, advises brides to get a manicure and pedicure a day ahead so nails can thoroughly dry. Should you nick or smudge a nail, gently even out the area with a buffer and smooth on a dot of color.

Wash Your Hair

"The buildup of oils overnight makes hair easier to work with the next day," says Scrivo. Use light conditioner and styling products. Fine or oily hair should be washed and styled the day of to keep it from falling flat.


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