What else would you expect from the queen of 140 characters?
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One of the cutest Hollywood couples just got even cuter. We already know how Chrissy Teigen and John Legend stole our hearts (their adorable Instagrams, A+ parenting, down-to-earth nature, etc.). But now, we know how they stole each other's.

While promoting his upcoming film, Southside with You, based on the early romance of Michelle and Barack Obama, Legend opened up about his own relationship. Specifically, he told ET how the whole thing started.

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"I fell in love with her over the phone because she is good with those 140 characters," said the singer of his hilarious and Twitter-famous wife, who he met when she was cast in his music video for the song "Stereo." "We would talk on the phone, and I started to fall in love with how engaging and witty and funny she is. And I think that's when I really started to know that this was the kind of person I wanted to be around a lot. Once we started spending more time together between tour stops and all this other stuff, we realized we had such a connection-and then it blossomed into a marriage and a baby!"

The couple exchanged vows in September 2013, in a gorgeous wedding in Lake Como, Italy (see our exclusive photos!) and welcomed baby Luna Simone in April 2016. And while we aren't at all surprised at how the Sports Illustrated model won her hubby over, it's refreshing to know that celeb couples meet (and flirt) just like the rest of us.

Even sweeter, Legend swears he wasn't nervous in those early interactions. "When you feel a real connection with somebody-for me, it wasn't nerves, it was more like excitement. 'Oh, this could be great.'" If that doesn't inspire you to make a move on your Tinder match, nothing will.

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