Whether beautifully arranged in a bridal bouquet or gracefully perched atop a towering tiered cake, flowers emanate an aura of enchantment befitting the most romantic of events. For wedding guests, perhaps the most memorable botanical displays are the ones that artfully adorn their reception tables. After coating the urns with iron-metallic surfacer and "rust" acid to create a faux tarnished finish, Michelle Rago, of Bloom Flowers in New York City lines the containers with cellophane and adds presoaked Oasis before filling them with hydrangeas, smokebush, viburnum, sheet moss, and jade roses -- diminutive hybrid roses whose green blossoms bear yellow centers

Tools and Materials

Protective rubber-palmed gloves

Protective goggles


14-inch-diameter urn

Iron-metallic surfacer

"Rust" acid

Spray bottle, for acid


Presoaked block of Oasis

Floral knife

18-gauge wire, to attach sheet moss

Sheet moss




Jade roses

Rusted Floral Centerpiece How-To

1. Wearing the protective gloves and goggles, and using the paintbrush, coat the urn's entire surface with iron-metallic surfacer. Let dry for 15 to 30 minutes.

2. Using the spray bottle, generously and evenly coat urn's entire surface with the "rust" acid. Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes. If needed, reapply acid to cover any "unrusted" areas, and let dry.

3. Line the urn with cellophane. Using a floral knife, carve the presoaked block of Oasis into a round shape, and add it to the container.

4. Bend the 18-gauge wire into large U-Pin, and use it to secure the sheet moss to the Oasis. Arrange the hydrangeas, smokebush, viburnum, sheet moss, and jade roses as desired.


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