Credit: Formula Z/S

The ancient art of Japanese paper folding was used to make this romantic design, complete with a pocket for a place card. Making the 3 1/4 inch high stand-up heart shape is surprisingly simple. Choose 6-inch square origami papers with a pretty pattern or different color on each side; both will be visible in the heart.

1. Lay paper on work surface with the side you want for the heart face down. Fold paper in half; unfold.

2. Bring top left corner in to center crease; repeat with top right corner.

3. Turn paper over.

4. Fold left edge in to center crease; repeat with right edge.

5. Fold top point down to meet with bottom edge. Fold top outer corners back. Fold two flaps that meet in the center under, to create the V of the heart shape. Slide place card into pocket behind heart, and stand the heart up.


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