Earlier this month I checked two major wedding planning milestones off my "to do" list: I selected my wedding dress and I had my first Invisalign® appointment. With my dress, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted; but after trying on about 15 different styles, I ended up choosing the COMPLETE opposite. My dress has some spectacular details that I'm excited to show off. I'm also excited to show off my new smile and I'm anxious to get my Invisalign treatment underway.

The first step to finding out whether or not you qualify for Invisalign treatment is finding a provider. I happened to be at my dentist's office for a routine cleaning when I noticed he had an Invisalign "Preferred Provider" plaque displayed in his office. I was pleasantly surprised since he does not practice orthodontics. I didn't realize that some dentists may be Invisalign-trained and therefore provide this sort of treatment as well. I have been going to Dr. Collins for the past seven years and I trust him. Once I found out that I would be a part of Martha Stewart's Bridal Beauty Diaries, I made sure to schedule my Invisalign consultation with him.


Once I got in the chair, Dr. Collins came in and asked me what I didn't like about my smile and what I would want to change. I explained how my bottom teeth have become quite crooked, I have a baby tooth that I'm unhappy with, and I have two other teeth that were covered in composite material when I was an adolescent that need to be redone. (Sounds like a mess, right?) He didn't seem stirred. He examined my teeth and reviewed my most recent x-rays. He then checked to make sure that the baby tooth wasn't loose. Up to that point, I never even thought about it falling out! Yikes! Luckily he said it looked like there was enough of a root on it to stick around for a while. However, he did mention that he would recommend to Invisalign that my trays not put any added pressure on it to cause it to pop out. He didn't use those words exactly, but that was the gist.

Once Dr. Collins finished examining my teeth, he had his dental hygienist, Ashley, take impressions and detailed pictures of them. If I remember correctly, she took about three or four different molds. I was concerned at first, but they were actually pretty comfortable. The whole appointment only took about 30 minutes. Ashley explained to me that once the impressions are set, she sends them and the pictures to Invisalign. Dr. Collins then works together with Invisalign on my treatment plan, which takes about two weeks, and then I can get started.

I'm really excited to start my Invisalign treatment! From what I understand, I will get a new set of clear aligners every two weeks. I was a little concerned at first that it would hurt. Luckily, I have a co-worker who recently completed her Invisalign treatment and she has been able to ease my mind. She also gave me some useful tips from her own treatment like: don't drink coffee while you have your trays in because they will stain, and make sure to wear your trays for as long as the dentist tells you to otherwise, your treatment may be longer. I'm sure I will be looking to her for additional advice once I get started.

Disclosure: I have received complimentary treatment from Invisalign in exchange for blogging about my bridal journey and treatment, and all opinions expressed are my own.


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