Picking a bridal party should take careful consideration. Nobody should get an automatic in just because you gossip every Tuesday and Friday at SoulCycle. Here are the personality types that make up a bride's dream team. (Choose well and you'll have spectacular wedding memories. Choose poorly and—well, let's skip that part.)
Credit: Universal Pictures/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

The Thoughtful One

She understands your to-do list keeps growing, so when you get home late at night after doing some wedding-related chores and someone's left dinner on your doorstep, you immediately know who it's from. You can also count on her for things like reminding the other maids of their dress appointment so you don't have to.

The Good Listener

When your parents call to say they're sorry but they can't contribute to your wedding budget after all or the band you had your heart set on is already booked on your wedding date, this is the bridesmaid whose shoulder you cry on. She listens without interrupting and when you're done ranting, she gives you a pep talk, which somehow always makes you feel better.

The Anti-Diva

While some bridesmaids have a hard time giving up the spotlight, the anti-diva understands that the star of the wedding is not her but you! She's okay with wearing a canary yellow gown even if makes her skin look sallow. She won't complain about getting a hand cramp from addressing 125 wedding invitations. Whatever you need done, she'll do it.

The Life of the Party

Presumably all your maids are fun but there's one who's so outstanding, she makes Katy Perry look like a dull girl. Hitting a club with her is just what you need to take your mind off wedding planning. Bourbon shots for everyone!

The Problem Solver

Whether you find out the bridesmaid's dress you picked out is suddenly being discontinued or the ring bearer refuses to walk down the aisle just as the music starts, you can count on this maid to figure out a solution pronto.

The Good Sport

Your shy cousin Joel is sitting by himself at your reception while the rest of his tablemates are dancing. Suddenly a friendly bridesmaid grabs his hand and leads him to the dance floor. Her playfulness is so infectious, before you know it, cuz is following her lead and doing some impressive Drake moves to "Hotline Bling." She's that good.

The Organizer

Need someone to arrange the bachelorette party? Or help you create a spreadsheet for the RSVPs? This is the one. Best of all, she gets real satisfaction from keeping things on track-and it's not even her wedding!-and she never puts you or your disorganized ways down. She's happy to help.

The Honest One

She had the guts to tell you what no one else would-the Kate Middleton-like feather hat you're thinking of buying looks like a pregnant bird landed on your head. She appreciates your desire for an edgy look but suggests things that can't be found in an Audubon guide. She has such a gracious, nonjudgmental way of expressing herself, you thank her for her opinion-and take it!


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