Double check all of these items are on your wedding checklist.
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Like any well-prepared bride, you've probably made the ultimate wedding checklist-cake, dress, flowers, cute little straws for the bar-but what are you missing? If bobby pins and super glue (you'd be surprised how useful it can be!) aren't on your list, add them. Here, we rounded up a few things you probably forgot to include on your "wedding-day must-haves" list. Trust us, we asked the pros.

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1. A steamer.

The last thing you want are bridesmaids in wrinkled dresses walking down the aisle, says Carla Friday of Details Made Simple in New Jersey.

2. A beauty bag.

Your makeup artist will create a look to last all day, but touch-ups are inevitable. Many makeup artists will give you a small kit with the products they used, but have a backup bag of powder, lipstick, and blotting papers just in case, says Friday.

3. Comfy shoes.

You decided to use your wedding day as an excuse to splurge on those Manolo Blahniks you've been eyeing for months, but they may not be the best dancing shoes. The solution? Stash a pair of flats in your reception bag.

4. Brunch.

Remember to stock up on snacks and drinks (mimosa, anyone?) to keep everyone from getting hangry during hair and makeup. Husband-and-wife team Erich and Tatiana Jones of Whimsy Weddings in New Jersey recommend asking a bridesmaid, friend, or family member to arrange for fruit, bagels, muffins, or sandwiches.

5. Cute getting-ready clothes.

Robes are great for the getting-ready photos, but don't forget to wear something cute underneath. "You don't want to be the bride in the gorgeous robe with Christmas pajamas underneath," says Pamela Joy Augustus of Love Anne Joy in Southern California.

6. An emergency kit.

Bobby pins, Band-Aids, Advil, deodorant, a sewing kit, and super glue can save the day. Friday always brings an emergency kit stocked with these items. "I had to super glue a groom's sole back to his shoe last month!" says Friday.

7. Portable speakers.

Whether you want to relax or get the party started as you sip cocktails, music sets the mood, says Augustus. Craft a progressive playlist that starts with soothing songs and slowly gets more energetic, and, most importantly, more fun!

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8. Printed timelines.

Knowing the general timing of what's happening at what time will put you at ease, and it'll keep your bridal party (or the parents) from nagging you about what's next, says the Joneses.

9. Extra undies and bras.

"You don't know what might snap, snag, break, or rip, and if you have extras you won't fret on bit," says Augustus. So put an extra pair of undies, a bra, a garter, and any other special undergarments in your bag.

10. A fairy godmother.

A wedding planner (or even a day-of coordinator) can take a lot of pressure off your plate. They'll bring an emergency kit with all the necessities and make sure things happen when, how, and where they should.


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