All-white treats are just right for a wedding. For do-it-yourself favors, place stacks of glassine bags around a table, and let guests choose from glass containers of rock candy, coconut jelly beans, tiny marshmallows, vanilla taffy, white-chocolate mints, and more.

Some sweets lend themselves nicely to being packaged to go; present marshmallow doves (shaped with a cookie cutter) or traditional Mexican wedding cookies in clear boxes as favors.

You might make white sweets the theme of a dessert buffet. Or offer sophisticated single-portion confections instead of wedding cake; cool blancmange -- a vanilla-infused pudding -- and coconut souffles, baked and served in little jelly jars, are good choices. Deck cupcakes in feathery coconut or serve individual Pavlovas in mini cupcake liners, topped with tangy yogurt cream and sugared golden currants.

Coconut Souffle

Mini Pavlovas

Marshmallow Doves

Wedding Knots

Egg in Nests

Coconut Cupcakes

Mini Angel Food Cakes

Mexican Wedding Cookies


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