When your friends are telling you how fun it is to try on wedding dresses and primp and plan, they're telling the truth. But they're likely keeping one big secret—planning can be stressful! We asked brides to keep it real and tell us what the most challenging part of planning was for them. Here's what they had to say.
Credit: Pablo Béglez

Crossing the miles

"Planning from 1,800 miles away was tough. We live in Arizona and our wedding was in our home state of Wisconsin. We couldn't just pop in to do cake tastings or hair trials. Everything had to be organized perfectly to fit into two-day weekends for planning. My mom and our planner were priceless."

Fiancé on duty

"Not knowing if my fiancé was going to make it home from Afghanistan in time for the wedding was a bit unnerving! The enemy blew the pass en route to the airport so he had a stressful time getting home for the wedding."

Staying organized

"Looking back on my day, I forgot little things because I didn't keep myself organized. Lists are your best friend. I forgot about boutonnieres for the guys until my aunt asked me about them the week before the wedding. I sent her a picture of what I liked, and she had them there on the wedding day. Thank goodness!"

Pleasing parents

"We were surprised by how hard it was to find a balance between what we wanted as a couple and what our families wanted. With us both being only children, we felt that we really needed to make sure our parents were very happy with the wedding."

Hiding the loot

"It was so hard trusting in others to transport everything without harming months of hard work of planning everything just right to stay on a small budget."

Money honey

"I would say the hardest thing about planning my wedding was approaching my in-laws about the financial aspects of the wedding (i.e., what the groom's family traditionally pays for). And then it was accepting that they weren't willing to contribute."

Dealing with divorcees

"The hardest part for me for sure was balancing divorced parents on the groom's side. It's all about trying to be sensitive to people's feelings with mom, dad, and dad's girlfriend. Where do they sit? Should they walk in together? Should they be introduced together? How much do you involve the girlfriend? How do you do family portraits?"

The list

"Negotiating the guest list with my fiancé, his family, and my family was so hard. You feel like you have to please everyone, but sometimes it's not realistic with your budget, and that makes it difficult."

Fitting in quality time

"It was a challenge to make time to spend with everyone who came from out of town while trying to finish last-minute tasks to prepare for the wedding."

Balancing the booze

"The hardest part was planning for food and drinks. We ran out of beer. Thankfully we had a caterer who took care of it, but I would have been more careful in the planning."


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