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On Thursday, September 29th, Miley Cyrus filled in as host for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and had the honor of sitting down and interviewing everyone's favorite fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker. Parker, who was on to promote her new show on HBO, Divorce, discussed her marriage to fellow actor Matthew Broderick.

Parker describes Divorce as, "an unusual and amusing look at marriage" and "a story we all know," even if it's not our own. Cyrus, who was able to watch the pilot early, commented on how Parker's marriage in the show is so different than her marriage to Broderick.

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"You have such a great relationship and such a great family it seems," Cyrus said to Parker. "I just love when you've seen someone who's had their 20th anniversary … It's incredible because sometimes I feel like even I lose that hope of people. When you're strong together, you can last."

Parker, who will celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary to Broderick next year, replied, " I am in a long marriage and a really happy one, and we have a home that we find really satisfying."

The two had some fun later in the show when they played the hilarious game 5 Second Rule, where each player has five seconds to name three things in a given category. When Parker was asked three things her husband does when he sleeps, she answered, "not snore, smiles, and reaches out for me."

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