If you're looking for a personalized way to wrap little favors or a sweet way to decorate your bouquet, try making these customized clay tags, featured in Vané Broussard and Minhee Cho's new book, Weddings in Color. They're easy to make with oven-bake clay, and they make sweet keepsakes.
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  • 2 sheets of parchment paper (enough to cover your work surface and baking sheet)
  • 1 roll of artist's tape
  • 2 oz/55 g oven-bake clay in black and 2 oz/55 g in white (We used Premo! Sculpey.)
  • Rolling pin (Acrylic works best but a wooden pin works, too.)
  • Cookie cutters in various shapes
  • Thin flat spatula
  • 1 wooden skewer
  • Various stamps of letters and numbers
  • Baking sheet
  • Twine or ribbon


1. Secure a large piece of parchment paper to your work surface, securing the edges with artist's tape. Tear off another piece to cover your baking sheet; set aside for later.

2. Preheat the oven to 275˚F/135˚C.

3. Start with the white clay. Unwrap the entire piece and knead with your hands to soften it up. Roll the clay into a cigar shape and set aside.

4. Take one section of the black clay and knead to soften it. (This particular brand divides the clay into four sections.) Roll the piece into a smaller cigar shape and then combine with your white clay.

5. Twist and knead the two colors together, occasionally rolling out the clay with the rolling pin to see how the marbled design is coming together. When you're happy with the marbled design, roll the clay out with the rolling pin until it is about 1⁄8 in/3 mm thick. Using your cookie cutters, start cutting out shapes in areas where the marbling is best.

6. With the flat spatula, transfer the shapes to the parchment covered cookie sheet.

7. Collect the remaining clay scraps in a ball, roll out again with the rolling pin, and repeat cutting out shapes until you've used up all the clay.

8. Take your letter and number stamps and with a steady hand, stamp into the clay. Your tags could say a simple "Thanks" or something more personal such as your wedding date or initials.

9. With the thicker end of the wooden skewer, poke a hole through the clay at the top of the tag.

10. Pop the cookie sheet with you tags into the oven and bake for 30 minutes or according to the clay package instructions.

11. When the tags are done, allow them to cool and then attach to your items with twine or ribbon.

Tip: Test out your stamping skills on a scrap piece of clay so you can get used to the pressure needed for a clean impression.

Credit: Courtesy of Chronicle Books

For more ideas like this, pick up a copy of Vané Broussard and Minhee Cho's new book, Weddings in Color (Chronicle Books, 2015), on sale now! (Bonus: The book's forward is written by Martha Stewart Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller!)

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