These DIY faux dessert headpieces—inspired by Ines Di Santo's newest bridal collection—are just as sweet as you'd imagine.

October 30, 2016
Credit: Olivia Anton

During Bridal Fashion Week, Ines Di Santo debuted her Fall 2017 collection, which had classic white and ivory wedding dresses mixed in with pastel colors. Di Santo said the inspiration for the collection came from Parisian confections, and we have to admit-the dresses were delicious!

Just as sweet were the unique headpieces Di Santo's models wore. Created by Christy Doramus of Crowns by Christy, the confectionery accessories displayed bright and delectable desserts. We couldn't help but think the adorable adornments would be a hit at any bridal affair, whether a bridal shower or a bachelorette party. Bonus: They're actually super easy to make. Below, you'll find directions on how to make these DIY headpieces. And don't worry: We have three variations that range from sweet to sweetest.

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Credit: Olivia Anton


  • Glue gun and at least five glue sticks
  • Velvet ribbon (ours are from M&J Trimmings)
  • Plastic headband (we used clear)
  • Faux desserts (there are cute options on Etsy and Ebay)
Credit: Olivia Anton


1. Heat up your glue gun.

2. Choose a plastic headband and velvet ribbon in the color of your choice. We would recommend pastels if you're going for a bridal or patisserie look.

Credit: Olivia Anton

3. Apply glue to the headband and wrap the ribbon diagonally around the headband-tightly, so that the ribbon lies flat and doesn't bunch. Continue all the way around the headband until there is no plastic showing.

Credit: Olivia Anton

4. Once the headband is completely wrapped, place your faux desserts wherever you'd like on the headband. Get creative: Throw on a ton of desserts or keep it simple with just a ribbon and a few desserts. Play around with the positioning until you find a design you like.

Credit: Olivia Anton

5. Glue the desserts to the headband, applying pressure to ensure that they stay in place. Use force and hold each piece for 30 seconds or so (depending on how heavy the dessert is).

6. Voila! You've created a delectable dessert headpiece.


Credit: Olivia Anton


Here is a replica of a headpiece from the Ines Di Santo runway show, which brought to life the French patisserie theme in wearable form.

Credit: Olivia Anton


If you're going for a more Marie Antoinette, delicate and decadent look, add flowers with small faux dessert pieces. This creates a romantic and fun look!

Credit: Olivia Anton


Want something more simple? Add small, sweet desserts, such as macarons or small cookies.


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