Looking for a unique way to celebrate your first year as husband and wife? Find out what other couples did for the occasion.
Credit: Manuel Orero Galan

The first 365 days of marriage are full of bliss-and probably a bit challenging, too. So when it comes time to celebrate all those special, first-year moments, you'll want to make the experience memorable. These real-life couples honored their first wedding anniversary in ways that'll inspire you to begin planning your own right away.

Remedying a Dessert Disaster

Aria worked hard to create a "masterpiece cake" for her wedding two years ago-the top and bottom tiers made of marble cake with éclair filling, and the middle packed with strawberry-flavored goodness. She couldn't wait to share it with her friends and family, but due to a mishap on the bakery's end, the cake was never delivered. "We were really bummed that we weren't able to have our custom cake and share it with everyone there!" So for her first anniversary, Aria and her husband celebrated at a steakhouse and requested an extra special cake for the occasion. "While we were sitting there, we thought, 'There is no way we will eat all of this, so we should share with everyone!'" she recalls. "Our server offered everyone dining in the restaurant a slice of our cake for dessert, and it was a huge success! When we left, people were standing up and clapping!"

Overseas Adventure

Meghan and her husband married seven years ago in a lovely, traditional ceremony in Richmond, Va., where they live. However, as a wedding industry professional, she always had the dream to run off and get married. Nine months later, Meghan accepted a speaking engagement at a wedding conference in Ireland that just so happened to be taking place during their anniversary. While working out the travel arrangements, her friend Annie of another event company helped her plan a special vow renewal at Gallus Oratory. "It was the perfect, rainy Irish day, and I wore jeans," she remembers. "We were joined by Annie, the officiant, and a Celtic singer, then we ran off to Dick Mack's, this awesome pub in Dingle, Ireland." Meghan's husband, Travis, learned how to pour a Guinness the right way from the pub's owner, Oliver-a man who their now three-year-old son's name was inspired by. "We've visited several times since, and look forward to bringing 'our' Oliver there someday," Meghan says. "It's so rare that the bride has the opportunity to have such a do-over."

Inspired by Nature

Beth and her husband escaped to Sedona, Ariz. 13 years ago for their first anniversary. After doing the dining, shopping, and wine sipping that's typical for an out-of-town trip, their most memorable moment happened during a hike amongst the Energy Vortexes. "The red rocks loomed overhead against a vibrant blue sky," Beth says. "I recall climbing the massive rocks, and when we got to the top of a smooth area, we just sat in silence with our arms around each other." Beth and her husband were the only ones there. "We felt connected to each other, while enjoying the beautiful scenery and nature," she says. "That moment was perfect."


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