In a table setting that evokes an English garden, roses and flowering oregano in mauve tones contrast with succulents (brown-tinged echeverias and trailing crassula) and curly fiddleheads.

Single echeverias in wooden bowls echo the larger arrangement. Nuts in paper boxes and leaf place cards round it out.

Leaf Place Cards How-To

Cut out leaf shapes with a short stem from paper roughly 3-by-4 inches. Pinch the leaf at the base of the stem, making a small pleat (this will make the leaf bend into a cup shape); glue in place with craft glue. Tie ribbon to stem, adding a bead.

Nut Boxes How-To

Begin with a 9-inch-square piece of paper; use a bone folder to crease each fold as you go.

1. Fold paper into thirds horizontally. Open up the paper, and fold into thirds vertically. This will result in a checkerboard of creases up paper.


2. Start at one corner square: Bring folded edges together, and crease the fold that forms between them. Repeat at other corner squares.


3. Draw two of the corner folds together, overlapping them to create sides for the box. Repeat. To secure the sides, dab a dot of white glue between the two overlapping points. The finished box will look slightly loose and sculptural rather than rigid.



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