Send your guests a heads-up -- and an altitude adjustment -- in the form of a paper airplane. The look is playful and hip (use our online clip art for the plane and the envelope liner), and the response will be pure, childlike glee. Postage stamps, Champion Stamp Co.

Paper Plane How-To

  1. Download our PDF files for the airplane and striped envelope liner.
  2. For the airplane, open the PDF, and change the date to match your wedding date (the letters may turn black when you type them, but don't worry -- they will be red when you print them out).
  3. You will need to write in your own details on the wings after folding them. Or have custom rubber stamps made at an office-supply store. If you have desktop-publishing software, you can layer text boxes over the image (fold a sample of the airplane first to determine placement) to add printed text instead.
  4. To make the airplane, print onto 8 1/2-by-11-inch text-weight graph paper, or use a plain white or cream text-weight paper. Use a craft knife and a metal straightedge to cut between the crop marks (do not cut all the way to the edge of the paper; this will leave the crop marks intact for subsequent cuts).
  5. Mark the center crease by folding the long edges together, face in; then unfold the paper and lay face down, with the airplane pointing up.
  6. Fold top corners down to meet the middle crease. Then fold a second time, bringing upper sides in to meet at the middle, and then a third time.
  7. Refold the center crease, then open the wings out. Write your messages on the wings.
  8. To mail the airplane, slip it into a No. 10 envelope (business-letter size), with the back wing folded up so that it lays flat.
  9. For the envelope liner, print our PDF onto plain text-weight paper; it's best to use a paper with the same whiteness as the graph paper or plain paper you used to make the airplane. (If you are using a Macintosh computer, part of the image may get cut off when you print using Adobe Reader; if so, print the PDF using the Preview application instead.) Use it to line your envelopes, following our directions.

Envelope Liner How-To

1. Measure an open envelope from the inside edge of the gummed strip at the point of the flap, to the bottom edge of the envelope itself. Measure the envelope from side to side, measuring inside the gummed strip. Use a paper trimmer to cut a sheet of paper to those dimensions.

2. Slide the cut sheet into the envelope. Fold both corners down at the top, aligning the folds with the bottom edge of the gummed strip. Crease with bone folder.

3. Take paper out of envelope, and cut along the creases with the paper trimmer. Use this as a guide to help you cut the liners from decorative paper.

4. To add the liners, insert the cut decorative paper into the envelope, and fold where envelope flap folds over; crease with a bone folder. Apply glue from a glue stick to the back of the liner paper along the top angled edges only, and press the paper gently to the envelope flap.


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