Short Hair

Smooth Skin

Make an appointment to have your eyebrows shaped and other areas, like bikini line and legs, waxed. This way, there's enough time for any redness to fade.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Fill a cosmetics bag with supplies: tissues, a nail file, dental floss, breath mints, and bobby pins. Ask your makeup artist for pressed powder, lipstick, and concealer to put in a custom makeup palette. Also, bring your nail polish for quick fixes.

Go for Your Last Appointments

Some people experience acne after a facial, particularly if they have never had one before. New York dermatologist Rosemarie Ingleton recommends getting this service at least a week before, in case you develop an allergic rash or look red. Tan two days ahead of the wedding for the best color, says Richie Perna, co-owner of Bond St. Tanning in New York. Results last about a week if you thoroughly exfoliate before application.


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