20 Stylish Pieces of Jewelry to Gift Your Bridesmaids

bridesmaid jewelry gifts

Looking for the best bridesmaids' gifts ever? We've got plenty of great ideas, but a go-to of ours is jewelry. That's because accessories can work double duty. Present your pals with fashion pieces solely as tokens of gratitude or offer them as outfit additions for the wedding day, as well. With the latter option, you'll be saying "thanks" while also helping your attendants look unified. Either way, we're sharing some stylish recommendations.

When it comes to gifting bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings, there are items on the market for any situation. We know that it's common to give personalized bridesmaid gifts, so we've rounded up some custom jewelry options. We also know the power of small everyday accessories, so we've added some wardrobe staples to the mix. The rest of this list is full of cute, fun, and unique pieces for any personality and relationship, so that you can choose a good present for any kind of bridesmaid, including your maid of honor. To make things even easier, we've thought of every budget, so that you can find something in your ideal price range.

As for when to give your bridesmaid gifts? Jewelry makes the timeline extra flexible. We love the idea of "bridesmaid proposals," where you offer the role along with a present. We suggest a thematic piece, like the knot ring or energy bracelet ahead. Otherwise, you can bestow the goods right before the wedding or on the morning of. This works well if you want to surprise everybody with something to don down the aisle.

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Knot Ring

Ariel Gordon "Love Knot" Ring
Courtesy of Ariel Gordon

Capitalize on the wedding motif with these cute and casual rings.

Ariel Gordon "Love Knot" Ring, from $110, arielgordonjewelry.com


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Stud Earrings

Mejuri "Thumbtack" Studs
Courtesy of Mejuri

These studs are simple enough to go with anything, but chic enough to make a statement.

Mejuri "Thumbtack" Studs, $69, mejuri.com


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Birthstone Necklace

Chan Luu Birthstone Necklace
Courtesy of Chan Luu

Show them how grateful you are that they were born with these accessories that offer a subtle pop of color.

Chan Luu Birthstone Necklace, $60, chanluu.com


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XO Earrings

Shashi "XO" Earrings
Courtesy of Shashi

Romance is already in the air—why not put it on their ears?

Shashi "XO" Earrings, $32, shopshashi.com


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Heart Necklace

Zoë Chicco Heart Necklace
Courtesy of Zoë Chicco

This small heart necklace is bound to become a wardrobe staple. Customize it with each bridesmaid's first initial.

Zoë Chicco Heart Necklace, $275, zoechicco.com


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Personalized Ring

Bittersweets NY "Famous Letter" Ring
Courtesy of CatBird NYC

You can customize these rings with letters and characters for accessories that fit your girls' personalities.

Bittersweets NY "Famous Letter" Ring, from $144, catbirdnyc.com


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Energy Bracelet

Gorjana "Power Gemstone" Bracelet
Courtesy of Gorjana

These energy bracelets will set the stage for a cohesive crew. We recommend the pink coral style, which is said to promote harmony.

Gorjana "Power Gemstone" Bracelet, $38, gorjana.com


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Ear Climbers

Leah Alexandra "Wing" Earrings
Courtesy of Leah Alexandra

These moonstone accessories would look lovely on the wedding day and beyond.

Leah Alexandra "Wing" Earrings, $175, leahalexandra.com


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Letter Bracelet

Maya Brenner Charm Bracelet
Courtesy of Maya Brenner

Add up to five letters to this dainty chain.

Maya Brenner Charm Bracelet, from $200, mayabrenner.com


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Initial Earrings

The Last Line Letter Earrings
Courtesy of The Last Line

The more letters you add, the more dangly they get.

The Last Line Letter Earrings, from $288, thisisthelast.com


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Area Code Necklace

Alison Lou Area Code Necklace
Courtesy of Alison Lou

Honor your shared roots with matching necklaces that display your hometown's digits.

Alison Lou Area Code Necklace, from $375, alisonlou.com


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Pearl Earrings

Kelly Bello Designs "Mini Mini" Earrings
Courtesy of Kelly Bello Design

Classic pearls get a modern upgrade thanks to these personalized studs.

Kelly Bello Design "Mini Mini" Earrings, $288, kellybellodesign.com


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Feminist Necklace

Jennifer Zeuner "Mercer" Necklace
Courtesy of Jennifer Zeuner

Wear your identities loud and proud with necklaces that say it all.

Jennifer Zeuner "Mercer" Necklace, $165, jenniferzeuner.com


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Tassel Earrings

Misa "Carlotta" Earrings
Courtesy of Misa

It's hard to say "no" to ombré fringe.

Misa "Carlotta" Earrings, $96, misalosangeles.com


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Hoop Earrings

Machete "Kate" Earrings
Courtesy of Machete

Trendy hoops will turn heads in the best of ways.

Machete "Kate" Earrings, $44, shopmachete.com


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Friendship Bracelet

Monica Vinader "Havana" Bracelet
Courtesy of Monica Vinader

Gift adult versions of your favorite accessories growing up. They come with complementary engravings!

Monica Vinader "Havana" Bracelet, $150, monicavinader.com


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Floral Earrings

Mignonne Gavigan "Skinny Julia" Earrings
Courtesy of Mignonne Gavigan

Why stop at bridesmaid bouquets when it comes to accessorizing your ladies with blooms?

Mignonne Gavigan "Skinny Julia" Earrings, $150, mignonnegavigan.com


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Heart Earrings

Mars "Heartbreak" Earrings
Courtesy of Mars

These cool hoops come in sparkly resin—need we say more?

Mars "Heartbreak" Earrings, $90, marsonline.co.nz


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Ribbon Bracelet

Roxanne Assoulin "Tie One On" Bracelets
Courtesy of Roxanne Assoulin

How fun are these tie-on accessories? Choose the slogan that best suits each attendant.

Roxanne Assoulin "Tie One On" Bracelet, $40, roxanneassoulin.com


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Crystal Bracelet

Jules Smith "Daisy Chain" Bracelet
Courtesy of Jules Smith

This delicate bracelet isn't just pretty—it's pretty affordable, too.

Jules Smith "Daisy Chain" Bracelet, $50, julessmithdesigns.com


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