Skip the last-minute planning tasks—trust us.

The eve before you say "I do" will be one of the most anticipating nights of your life-and it should be spent celebrating the joys of your future to come with your soon-to-be spouse. But there are activities that you may want to avoid so that you enter your big day looking and feeling your best. Wedding planner Cassie Celestin weighs in.

Don't stay up late

Anticipating that moment when you walk down the aisle can give you jitters and keep you up the whole night, we know! But going to bed early the night before your wedding should be your top priority. "Avoiding caffeine and shutting off your phone will all be ways to help ensure you get a good night's sleep," Celestin says. And if you're still anxious and find yourself lying awake, Celestin suggests taking a warm bath, reading a book, or making a list of things that are running through your mind that have you worried and sending it to your wedding planner.

Don't do last-minute wedding tasks

Even though it's OK to jot down those lingering details, make sure you pass them on to your wedding planner or bridal party instead of trying to accomplish them yourself at a late hour. "Working on your seating chart, preparing programs, [or] finishing up your DIY projects are all things that will certainly make the night before your wedding hectic," Celestin says. She adds that planning ahead is key. It's best to knock out those items on your to-do list; it will help you avoid stressful situations just hours before your wedding day.

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Don't drink too much

A rehearsal dinner is a fun way to get your close family and bridal party together to begin the celebrations early, but Celestin cautions that, "You will not be doing yourself any favors if you drink too much the night before your wedding," she says. "Enjoy a drink or two with all your favorite people, but save the partying for your reception."

Don't eat poorly

The night before your wedding is not the best time to indulge in foods that won't leave you feeling your best the next day, Celestin says. "Trying new foods, overeating, or eating foods that have not agreed with you in the past may cause digestive issues and bloating that last into wedding day," she adds. "Instead, opt for a lighter meal and drink plenty of water."

Don't wait to take care of beauty needs

"Most brides wouldn't dream of cutting or dying their hair the night before the wedding-which is wise," Celestin says. But even if you know cutting yourself a spontaneous fringe is a bad idea, you also shouldn't wait until the night before your wedding to take care of smaller beauty needs, either. "Waxing, getting a facial peel or getting a spray tan are things you should do days before to make sure your skin has time to heal if there is any irritation," she says.

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