"We just get each other."
Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg recessional
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Almost a year after their wedding (see the exclusive photos!), Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg are more in love than ever. Our former cover girl dished on how she and her hubby make their marriage work-even when they're long-distance. "We make each other laugh. We understand each other. We always put family first. We respect each other-we just get each other," Chung told People at the Women's Health and Feed Foundation's "Party Under the Stars" event in New York.

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"We do spend a lot of time apart because of work," she revealed. "He's in L.A., I'm in New York. He's in Atlanta, I'm in New York. We keep missing each other, so the time that we do have together, we're very cognizant of how limited it is. We try to make the most of the time we do have together," the Gotham actress said. "The distance either tears you apart or it brings you together, and I think it brings us together."

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But the one thing about Bryan that Jamie won't ever get into? His appearance on One Tree Hill as teen heartthrob, and teen dad, Jake Jagielski. "I missed the boat on that one," Chung said. "I just never watched it. I never got into it … I remember my husband and I were on vacation and we were in bed together. His episode came on and he had this crazy hair and a puka shell necklace. It's just so dated," she said. "I can't watch it."

But other than the dated puka shell necklace, Chung loves everything about her husband. "Everything he does is super cute. Even when he just cuddles with the dog, Ewok, this little rescue dog, it's so cute," she gushed. "He's just a great, great husband."

The actors tied the knot Halloween weekend, 2015, at El Capitan Canyon, complete with a costume welcome party and a gorgeous ceremony.

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