Day one of wedding planning is like a dream: You have visions of sipping Champagne while dress shopping with your closest friends and living out your lifelong fantasy of nibbling 13 different cakes in one afternoon. But very soon reality hits, and you realize planning your wedding actually takes work! Before you run off to Vegas, take a few deep breaths and read these tips gathered from some of the most organized and efficient people we know: David Stark's world-class project managers!
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Go Old School

Sure, we have plenty of tech-savvy ideas coming up. But one of the first rules of wedding planning is still a really good one: Use a decorative accordion file folder to help keep your wedding items organized with ease and allow you to reach when you need them. Plus, they're always good on the go. We love all the fun and colorful folders from Poppin to stash your important paperwork.

Take Action

If you're the type of person who still writes thank-you notes by and keeps her to-do list on paper and not the phone, you'll benefit from using an Action Book Planner. An all-in-one notebook, this planner helps you conquer your daily tasks by giving you neatly arranged priority columns along with plenty of free space for notes or inspirations. Also, they come in a seemingly endless plethora of sizes and styles, giving you the flexibility you need to keep your planner with you at all times.

Have a Seat

Ah, the dreaded seating chart! As if keeping your aunt far away from your second cousin wasn't hard enough, you have to figure out how to perfectly place every person at your wedding. Using an online seating tool such as helps you easily map out where to place your guests at each table. It won't solve how to seat your feuding friends, but it will sure make the rest of the process go faster and smoother.

Find Your Drive

Let's hear it for technology. Sure, some of us thrive on doing things the old-school way. But others rely on our computers for … well just about everything! Google Drive saves and organizes all of your wedding-related documents such as venue forms, vender info, and anything personal. Best yet, it automatically backs up all your documents on the Cloud. So it's saved no matter where you're logged in at and you can share your info with anyone helping with the wedding. Everyone gets to stay connected while sharing notes and making changes!

There's an App for That

Finally, like for everything else you need these days, there are a lot of super-efficient and free apps available for effortless organization. Some of our favorites include Wunderlist, TeuxDeux and Todoist. They offer planning calendar tools and allow you to prioritize your tasks, keeping you on track of both the big picture and the little details … like which of those 13 cakes is worthy of commitment.

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