Your wedding day is not the day to ask your groom's best friend who has a great Instagram to photograph your wedding…
Credit: Buena Vista/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Sure, you can DIY your favors, but for most other parts of your wedding, it's best to call in the experts. Save money some other way (trimming the guest list, marrying on an off-night or off-season) so you can afford talented pros who've successfully handled numerous weddings before and know how to fulfill your wishes without stressing. Here's what you need a professional for:

Baking the wedding cake.

So you think you can bake? Even if your red velvet cupcakes or carrot cake are famous in your family, making a wedding cake for, say, 150 people, takes a different skill set than baking a dozen cupcakes or a 12-inch round. A multitier cake for your entire guest list requires plus-size layers and a lot of support elements, such as wooden dowels, so the tiers don't sink. You practically need an engineering degree to get it right! The sweet truth: Hire a pro.

Shooting the wedding.

We've all heard stories about the unfortunate bride who hired the friend of a friend who has a cool camera and a love of photography to shoot her big day. Big mistake! She may have saved a bundle but this non-pro didn't take enough photos, missed important shots (the groom with his grandma!) and failed to adjust for different lighting situations. The clear picture: Hire a pro.

Catering the meal.

You come from a family of spectacular cooks, and they offered to prepare the wedding meal. As generous as it is, the offer is also a recipe for disaster! Home cooks don't have the expertise in knowing how much food to make for a big crowd, the professional equipment (like ginormous stock pots and multiple ovens) to make the food in nor the know-how to transport, heat and serve it to 150. Chew on this: Hire a pro.

Arranging the flowers.

Making your own centerpieces sounds so easy: Buy blooms, make snips, stick in vase. The problem is that the arrangements need to be done no earlier than the day before the wedding when you and your family members will already have a lot going on like hair and nail appointments, the rehearsal dinner and picking up out-of-town guests from the airport. Also, you'll need a large, cool space to store all those flowers overnight and a van (and manpower) to transport them the next day. Snip this idea in the bud: Hire a pro.

Doing your hair.

You style your hair every day so why shouldn't you do it for your wedding? Because, let's say, you want an updo and you've only done it a few times before. With all the excitement and nerves in full swing the wedding morning, why take a chance that you'll get it right? Getting your hair done by a career stylist is a great way to relax and ensure you'll have the look you intended. The mane point: Hire a pro.


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