The last few days before a wedding can be the most exciting and the most hectic. Prepare three gifts for the bride and groom to remind the couple that all this planning is a celebration of them. Begin two nights before the big day: Give the bride a blank card in an envelope addressed to her groom, and give him one for her. Each should write a note for the other to read the night before they marry. One night beforehand, provide a pampering kit to calm any pre-wedding jitters. This paper box reveals a treasure trove of bath essentials: tea sachets, a massage brush, bath gel, scented soap and candle, and fizzy bath tablets. The final gift on the wedding day not only is practical but also signifies that each spouse needs the other to complete a perfect pair: One set of white cotton pajamas is embroidered with the bride's first initial on top and the groom's on the bottom.



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