Sure, they're slimming, but a waist-cinching garment could also sacrifice comfort for your walk down the aisle. We find out if they're worth it.
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When Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself wearing a waist-training corset on Instagram, it was the beginning of a center-cinching renaissance that we haven't seen since, well, the actual Renaissance. And while we do recommend wearing shapewear under a white gown, a high-powered waist-training corset, which claims to train your tummy to retain a cinched waist even when you're not wearing it, takes waist-worship to the next level. Below, we analyze the pros and cons of wearing a corset.


  • An instant hourglass figure
    Some corsets can take two to three inches off your waist in just as many seconds, and others are meant to work over time, adjusting your stomach to stay a desired shape (though no studies can prove this just yet).
  • Perfect posture
    Because the boning of a corset supports your spine, you'll be slouch-free.
  • A smooth silhouette
    Along with tucking and tightening, a corset compresses bumps and lumps for a clean side (and front and back) view.


  • Hunger pains
    A compressed stomach means less room for food and drink, and who wants that on their wedding day, especially after weeks of menu-planning?
  • Decreased lung capacity
    We often say that walking down the aisle will leave you breathless; but wearing a corset can actually constrict your lungs and restrict airflow. And that can even cause you to faint!
  • Ab-trophy
    Adhering to a weeks-long waist-training regimen without also working your abdominal muscles can cause them to atrophy. Just try sitting up in bed without abs.


Waist-training corsets are a commitment, and if you're pain-averse, make sure to buy one that fits properly, or reach for less constricting shapewear instead. And no matter what undergarments you chose, wear ones that match your skin tone and remember to bring them to your fittings.

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