Now that's what we call using your celebrity status for good.
Couple stranded before wedding Instagram photo

When Gus and Jessie's Jeep broke down en route from Los Angeles to Seattle for their wedding (and their trailer filled with wedding supplies nearly fell off a cliff!), they were stranded. So, with their wedding at risk, they took to social media to ask car rental companies for help. But their S.O.S. caught the eyes of a few surprising people, the first being actors Sophia Bush and Kate Walsh, who both shared the couple's pleas on their own Instagram pages.

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Soon, a friend of the bride- and groom-to-be had set up a GoFundMe, and incredibly, another celebrity-Constance Zimmer-shared the GoFundMe link on Twitter with the caption, "Wanna help a stranger today? It feels good, trust me…"

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People heard the call and paid it forward-with over $3,500 raised. Audi even provided a new Audi Q7 so they could get back on the road. The couple, seemingly overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers, thanked the donors on GoFundMe, adding that the money will also help them pay for their dream honeymoon.

"Over the course of the last 5 hours so many people have jumped in to to try and help these two," Bush wrote. "We have a car en route to them now -- with a trailer hitch for their #tinyhouse and two pups!! -- and tomorrow we will be sure to post the full update. HUMANS ARE AMAZING AND THE WORLD IS GLORIOUS AND GOOD K BYYYYYYE".

We'd have to agree. Now, how do we get fairy godmothers like Sophia Bush, Kate Walsh, and Constance Zimmer?

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