Steph Curry Just Gave Sister Sydel Curry the Ultimate Wedding Gift

Talk about a grand (and meaningful) gesture!

sydel curry reacting to wedding gift from steph curry
Photo: Sydel Curry via Instagram

Generally, we don't advise buying a wedding gift off registry. But we'll make an exception for Stephen Curry, who just gave his sister the ultimate present. This week, Sydel Curry paid a visit to her alma mater, Elon University, where she played on the volleyball team. The trip turned into the ultimate surprise, as shown in a video posted on Twitter by Elon Phoenix.

In the clip, Steph and his wife, Ayesha Curry, start by greeting the basketball star's sister. "Hey Sydel!" says Ayesha. "Just want to say congratulations on getting married this weekend, that's a big occasion," adds Steph. "We also want to congratulate you on an amazing career at Elon playing volleyball, all you did for the school and the program, and wanted to give it back to you." Their idea of giving back? Having the women's volleyball locker room named in her honor.

The video shows Sydel brought to tears by the kind gesture, but that's not the only glimpse fans get of her reaction. The gift recipient also shared a photo of herself on Instagram, in which she's seen holding her hand over her mouth in shock (and flashing her huge engagement ring!).

"What started out to be a trip to support [Elon volleyball] ended up becoming one of the most memorable evenings of my life. I can't begin to explain how grateful I am to my siblings for this amazing gift!" she captioned the image. "Elon was such a blessing and helped me grow into the woman that I am today. Having the Elon Women's Volleyball Locker Room named after me is an honor. Again, thank you thank you thank you to the best siblings in the world! I love you all! Okay, now back to crying."

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