This small, but mighty machine is even mightier than you think. 
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cricut with martha stewart monogram sitting on table
Credit: Courtesy of Cricut

There's a reason the Cricut cutting machine is a go-to crafting tool for so many. From designing and cutting vinyl for baby onesies to cutting garlands, cards, and other birthday party decorations, there isn't much the small, but mighty machine can't do. "Think of Cricut as a convenient tabletop machine that helps you DIY almost anything," says Lauren Duletzke, Cricut crafter and spokesperson. The machine cuts hundreds of materials including leather, denim, and even balsa wood. "There's a Cricut machine for every type of crafter," Duletzke adds. "Once you get started, you'll be amazed by all that you can make."

When it comes to this crafting tool, if you can dream it, chances are you can create it. Start by purchasing a bestselling model of the machine, such as the Cricut Maker ($369, Then, let the creativity flow. Here, five applications you probably didn't know were within the realm of possibility.

Design wallpaper. 

If you have a tired space in need of a refresh—an accent wall in your bedroom, the backdrop in your closet, or even your stair risers—you can use Cricut to design your own wallpaper. In fact, the Cricut Joy can cut up to 20 feet continuously, so you can create a large strip of wall decals, without having to reload it.

Make stencils. 

You may know that you can make stencils to draw and color on paper, but did you know you can make larger ones for unique projects like making a concrete rug or even coloring your hair? With Cricut, you can make a modern concrete rug by simply placing your cut stencil on a concrete floor, then painting directly onto the floor to create the illusion of a rug.

Create nail stickers. 

Tired of chipped nail polish? You can use permanent vinyl to create trendy nail stickers and nail art. Simply use the Design Space software to dream up any design, then cut it to the right size for your nails. Once cut, polish, press, and go.

Write in gorgeous calligraphy.

With Cricut pens, you can set your design to "draw" any text. The result? The best handwriting ever. Couple that with any design, and you'll have beautiful word art to frame for your home, thoughtful cards to send loved ones a little happy mail, or even your own custom adult coloring book pages to help relieve stress.

Charge your phone.

Phone low on battery? It turns out the Cricut can help you with more than crafting. While plugged in, the Cricut Maker can charge your mobile device, and has a spot specifically designed to hold a phone or tablet while it does so.


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