Eight solutions for this pesky kitchen storage issue.
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pot lid holder with lids
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Do you have more lids than pans (or maybe it just seems like you do because anytime to take a pot out of the cupboard you get two lids rolling around)? Lids are hard to organize. Stacking is not a sensible option, and while pairing them neatly with the pan they belong to is a strategy that will work, there are better alternatives that take up less space. Here, we share eight smart ways to organize pan lids—and don't worry if you're tight on storage space, as not all involve stowing them in cabinets or drawers.

Buy a Lid Organizer

Corral lids in an organizer that lives in the same drawer or cabinet you use to store pots and pans. Look for one that holds the lids securely and has non-slip feet so it doesn't slide around when you reach for a lid. This will also protect your cabinets against scratches. This organizer has M-shaped holders to make space for handles and comes from a women-owned company—a double win in our books.

Buy Now: YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Lid Organizer, $40, amazon.com.

Tidy Them with a Rod

If you store pots and lids in a drawer, install a hardware store tension rod at the front of a drawer or down one side of the drawer to keeps pot lids neatly in place.

Buy Now: TIHOOD Spring Tension Adjustable Length Cupboard Rod, $11.99, amazon.com.

two cabinet pot lid organizers
Credit: Courtesy of SimpleHouseware

Get a Cabinet Door Organizer

For organizing pot lids in a cupboard, buy a cabinet door organizer rack. These racks can also be installed on a kitchen wall or in a pantry if that better suits your organizing needs.

Buy Now: Simple Houseware Cabinet Door/Wall Mount Pot Lid Organizer Rack, $15.87 for two, amazon.com.

Use a Pot Rail

If you have or aspire to have a pot rail for storage, know that a wall-mounted option can also be used to store lids. Just slide lids in between the rail and the wall and the knobs on the lids will hold them in place.

Buy Now: Enclume Rolled-End Bar, from $65, williams-sonoma.com.

Kitchen cabinet with accordion pot lid organizer and lids
Credit: Courtesy of BrightMaison

Opt for an Accordion-Style Lid Organizer

Expand or contract this adjustable accordion-style organizer to fit your drawer or cabinet space. It's sturdy enough to hold heavier lids and comes with synthetic rubber bumpers to protect cupboard surfaces.

Buy Now: Brightmaison Kitchen Pot Lid Organizer Holder, $28.99, amazon.com.

Hang Them on Hooks

Another way to put the cabinet door to use for storage is to install hooks on the backs of your cabinet. This might not provide enough storage for all lids, but it does utilize space that otherwise isn't used. Use two stick-on hooks per lid, positioning them carefully so the door will close when the lids are stored.

Buy Now: Command White Utility Hooks, $6.68 for seven, amazon.com.

sliding pot org

Overhaul Your Pot Organization

Keep lids and pots together with a sliding pot organizer that pulls out for easy access.

Buy Now: Fogel Sliding Pot Organizer Pull Out Drawer, $39.99, wayfair.com.

pot lid organizer on countertop
Credit: Courtesy of StorageManiac

"File" Your Lids Neatly

Similar to file holders used in offices (but sturdier), these simple but strong iron racks are useful if you store pans in a deep drawer or a pantry. They're less useful for storage in a cupboard; unless you have a shelf to dedicate to lid storage or a pull-out cupboard, lids stored at the back will be hard to reach.

Buy Now: Storage Maniac Pot Lid/Bakeware Organizer, $25.99 for two, amazon.com.


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