How to Incorporate Pampas Grass Into Your Home's Dècor

Bring a bit of nature inside with these ornamental grass projects.

romeo and juliet valentines day party table setting with pampas grass angel wings hanging above
Photo: Billye Donya

If you're looking to add a bit of romance or whimsy to your home's overall décor scheme, look no further than pampas grass. The ornamental grass has a feathery, bushy top and comes in a few different colors (you'll have the easiest time finding it in white or pink), and they're easy to work into your craft or home décor project ideas.

The plumes are so fun and easy to work with that you may find yourself looking to harvest your own. To get the best results, Justin Hancock, a Monrovia horticultural craftsman, suggests harvesting the blooms as soon as they've reached their full height. "If you wait too long and they mature, you'll find the plumes don't hold together well and shed a lot," he says. Just make sure you're wearing gloves and long sleeves during your harvest: the grass blades can be sharp and create paper-cut-like wounds.

Make Angel Wings

Add some ethereal beauty to your home by creating Angel Wings Floral Art, seen above, to hang (or wear) around the house. All you'll need to recreate this project is your pampas blooms, wooden skewers, chicken wire, and some other craft supplies. Follow the instructions for the angel wing floral art and you'll have your own set of fluffy wings in no time.

dried floral wreath for valentine's day
Ashley Poskin

Create Your Own Holiday Wreath

You don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to craft a romantic wreath to hang in your home. This Valentine's Day Wreath is easy enough to make that you'll want to do it right now. And while we think it's especially pretty when displayed around the holiday of love, it's also subtle and neutral enough that you can hang it year-round. Use warmer toned blooms (like the pink ones we mentioned before) along with stardust gypsophila and bunny tails to create this asymmetrical beauty. If you can't get your hands on those supplies, any long, springy blooms will work alongside your pampas grass. Pair both of those with a textured plant-like preserved ferns to finish the look.

dried floral wreath

Get Ready for Fall

When cooler weather starts blowing in, you'll want to get your hands on the supplies to make this Dried Floral Fall Wreath. Use dried ruscus leaves, poppy pods, and bunny tails alongside your favorite pampas grass cuttings. The result will be a texture-rich, yet neutral-hued, wreath that will look at home on either your wall or your door. Use a fillable metal base for this project and change your look with each season.

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