Not all radishes are red and round. Here are some new types to try.
Credit: Linda Pugliese

It's time to think beyond red and round and go beyond the salad bowl when it comes to the mighty Raphanus sativus, otherwise known as the radish. This under-the-radar root vegetable grows in a range of colors, sizes, and flavors, and though it's delightful raw, it can also be excellent when cooked. Here, starting clockwise from the top left, are 10 different radish varieties to get to know, plus a few surprising ways to enjoy them.

White Icicle

Mildly pungent with peppery undertones, the slender white icicle tastes terrific raw—try grating it into a slaw with peanuts. Grilling or roasting will bring out its inherent sweetness.

Round Black Radish

Also known as the black Spanish round, this large, dramatic winter radish has flesh that is crisp, white, and usually quite peppery. A hardy dipper, the round black can also be creamed like its close relative, the turnip.

Pink Beauty

If you're not a fan of the bite that is the calling card of many a radish, try this sweet variety. It's as versatile as its more familiar red cousin but with a milder flavor, making it a natural for tea sandwiches with fresh ricotta and lemon zest or chives.

Cincinnati Market

Its tapered shape and crimson skin have earned this heirloom the nickname "long scarlet." Its spiciness works particularly well in tacos and paired with sweet ingredients like in this mango and radish salad.

Snow Belle

The spicy white snow belle (also called snowball) has a uniform creamy shade inside and out. It pairs especially well with rich foods like creambutter, and avocado.

French Breakfast

These heirlooms (also known as flambeaux) are mild, sweet, and crunchy—just right for slicing and enjoying on a buttered baguette, à la française. They are also delicious sautéed or stir-fried.


Like its namesake, this heirloom radish is large, sweet, and gorgeous beneath its plain pale green skin. Also like its namesake, this radish can be found widely, including in grocery stores. It makes a lovely garnish, quick pickle, or addition to a cheese plate (try it with feta or chèvre) alongside fresh fruit.


A native of Eastern Europe (zlata means "gold" in Czech), this pale radish is juicy and medium-spicy. Delicious raw, it is even better when braised (less bite, more sweetness).

Cherry Belle

Maybe you already know this small red globe? It's one of the most popular radishes and an all-purpose wonder that works for dipping, layering into sandwiches, or roasting.

Purple Plum

Mild, sweet, and regally hued, the petite purple plum is a prince among radishes. It stays fresh longer than many varieties, and the stark contrast between its vibrant skin and white flesh makes it a standout any way you slice it.


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