Defuzz this summer staple before you really need it.
table fan with hot dog cooling off
Credit: Getty / Catherine Falls Commercial

We know you've been there: You bring out your trusty table fan during the warmer months and store it at the back of a closet, in an attic, or on a shelf in the basement during the cooler season, when it's not needed. But when you take it out again, it's fuzz central—the interior is covered in dust and lint. Turning on the machine is impossible, unless you want to fill your space with weeks of buildup.

The same result also happens after months of overuse. To keep you cool, the fan oscillates, trapping all of those sneeze-inducing (and potentially machine damaging) particles along the way. All of this is to say that regularly cleaning your table fan is critical to maintaining a dust-free home—and to keep your summer staple in the best possible shape.

But cleaning yours isn't as simple as spraying and wiping it down every so often. To defuzz a fan, first unplug it and take it apart, says Clean My Space founder Melissa Maker. The wire guard that covers the blades has front and back halves. Remove the front guard and unscrew the cap at the blade's center; pull off the blade, and then the rear guard.

Vacuum the blade and guards with the brush attachment, then soak all the disassembled parts in mild dish soap and hot water and rinse. (If the guards don't budge, spray the parts inside with compressed air.) Wipe the cord and base with a damp microfiber cloth; let everything dry for 24 hours. Reassemble those pieces—and let 'er rip.


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