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Area Rug Woven Cotton Washable
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Rugs are an undeniably cozy way to enhance any room in your house. Whether you choose a fluffy wall-to-wall shag or a vintage-looking patterned area rug, the right textile holds the power to elevate and define your space. While they're often a decorator's favorite accessory to turn up the style and tie together elements in a room, rugs are notoriously difficult to clean. That's why we're sharing some of our favorite washable rugs, which are perfect for high-traffic areas and spaces that tend to experience more than just a little wear and tear. Once your rug starts showing signs of use, you can throw it in the washing machine for an easy refresh—no trips to the dry cleaner or professional steamer rental necessary.

Easy-to-clean components like removable covers and cushioned rug pads make carpets simple to wash. Place one in your living room or kitchen for an instant refresh, and throw it in the washing machine to make it look good as new. Your kids, pets, and even a glass of wine won't be able to leave a lasting mark.

Washable rugs and carpets come in a variety of makes, shapes, and patterns, which means there's really something for everyone in this category. From plush and patterned to simple and sophisticated, we're sharing some of the best washable rugs available right now.

The Best Washable Rugs to Buy Now

Kimode "Morroccan" Cotton Area Rug
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Most Affordable: Kimode "Morroccan" Cotton Area Rug

This bohemian-inspired rug is as easy to maintain as it is on the eyes. The fact that the tassels are machine washable might surprise you, but you can put this rug straight into your washer for easy cleanup at any point. It has hundreds of five-star ratings on Amazon, and many reviewers confirm it's a breeze to wash. The "rug quality and design exceeded my expectations," one wrote.

Shop Now: Kimode "Morroccan" Cotton Area Rug, 2' by 3', from $19.99,

Ruggable "Hendisi Heriz" Cream Rug
Credit: Courtesy of Ruggable

Best Nontraditional Shape: Ruggable "Hendisi Heriz" Cream Rug

A circular rug looks elegant, and this one's neutral tone and intricate, muted, Persian-inspired design make it stunning. It also has a detachable rug cover that you can put in the washing machine. Ruggable shoppers love that it stays in place, comes in subtle colors, and cleans well.

Shop Now: Ruggable "Hendisi Heriz" Cream Rug, $329,

Ruggable "Delphina Delft" Blue Rug
Credit: Courtesy of Ruggable

Best Statement-Making: Ruggable "Delphina Delft" Blue Rug

This washable rug features a beautiful Greek-inspired design in a bold blue-and-cream hue. It's the perfect addition to any room in your home and a guaranteed focal point. Taking into account style, functionality, and quality, it's no wonder the rug has a 4.8-star overall rating. "It adds a beautiful pop of high-contrast design," said one reviewer. "It's in a high-traffic spot and so far is holding up really well."

Shop Now: Ruggable "Delphina Delft" Blue Rug, 8' by 10', $399,

Mylife Rugs Traditional Vintage Non-Slip Machine Washable Printed Rug in Blue Hot Pink
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Runner: Mylife Rugs Traditional Vintage Non-Slip Machine-Washable Printed Rug

Not all carpets are squares or circles. This carpet's rectangular shape is ideal for an entryway, and its rich, deep colors invite guests into a warm home. "When I saw this machine washable, pet friendly, antibacterial, and great-looking rug, I just wanted to try it," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "This rug is amazingly soft. It feels like velvet and fits in [with] my décor."

Shop Now: Mylife Rugs Traditional Vintage Non-Slip Machine Washable Printed Rug in Blue-Hot Pink, 2'7'' by 7'7'', $69.95,

Safavieh Collection "Inspired by Disney's live action film Aladdin Desert" Rug
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Vintage Feel: Safavieh Collection Aladdin-Inspired Desert Rug

This fairy tale-inspired rug is reminiscent of Aladdin's favorite mode of transportation. It's equal parts modern and vintage thanks to its wash and geometric pattern. The low pile rug is also washable, just hang it dry and it'll be good as new.

Shop Now: Safavieh Collection Aladdin-Inspired Desert Rug, 5' by 7', from $54.69,

Area Rug Woven Cotton Washable
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Reversible: Idee-Home Boho Area Rug

Decorate the living room, kitchen, or bedroom with this woven rug featuring a minimalist diamond pattern and neutral gray and cream colors. Though you can pop it in the wash as needed, the rug is reversible, so you can easily flip it over to give your space a quick refresh. Because both sides are cloth, you'll want to buy an anti-slip pad to go underneath the rug and prevent it from moving around.

Shop Now: Idee-Home Boho Area Rug, 3' by 5', $31.99,

Area Rug Woven Cotton Washable
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Eco-Friendly: RealLife Rugs Distressed Rug

Made from recycled fibers, this eco-friendly rug has a distressed vintage look and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It has a classic style, but its modern design allows for easy cleaning. It's machine-washable, making it a great option for people with kids or pets. Plus, it comes with a nonslip backing. Despite the reasonable price, Amazon shoppers say it looks far more expensive than it really is. "I was afraid to order this rug because I thought it might look cheap, [but] it is beautiful," a customer wrote. "The colors are bright and it sits flat and stays put."

Shop Now: RealLife Rugs Distressed Rug, 5' by 7', $99.99,

Area Rug Woven Cotton Washable
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Cotton: Hebe Cotton Area Rug

For a kid-friendly rug that still looks modern, consider this cotton area rug available on Amazon. It's made of woven cotton and durable enough to handle high-traffic areas in your home. Because the rug is handmade, each one is slightly different than the next, so it's a truly unique piece of décor. "This is great for a kids' play room or any messy person," said a reviewer. "I've washed it and [used a] low tumble [setting to] dry. I set it outside to fully dry and it's great."

Shop Now: Hebe Cotton Area Rug, 4' by 6', $36.99,

Area Rug Woven Cotton Washable
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Shag: Gorilla Grip Ultra Soft Area Rug

This low-maintenance rug is soft and cozy. The top layer features a shaggy faux fur material and the bottom has durable grip dots to prevent slipping and sliding. Best of all, you can machine-wash and dry the rug and vacuum it as needed. Amazon reviewers call it "fabulous" and "dog-approved."

Shop Now: Gorilla Grip Ultra Soft Area Rug, 5' by 8', from $74.99

Area Rug Woven Cotton Washable
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Outdoor: Kozyfly Buffalo Plaid Rug

Go all in on the modern farmhouse trend with a buffalo plaid area rug. The black-and-white checkered design is eye-catching, and it's fit to style indoors or outside. To clean it, you can vacuum as needed or toss it in the washing machine and the dryer, though it may need some ironing to return it to its original shape. "So in love with this rug," one shopper wrote. "It is durable and made with high-quality woven cotton fabric, [and it's] easy to throw in the wash."

Shop Now: Kozyfly Buffalo Plaid Rug, 5' by 7', from $70.32,

By Emily Goldman and Christie Calucchia


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