From a new cookbook to a smart way to transport iced coffee, cool off with their favorite new things.
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Credit: Kate Sears

Looking for ways to become a more confident cook at home? Our food editors are here to help. Each week, we shine a spotlight on the exciting things happening in the Martha Stewart test kitchen. Our editors will share their best cooking tips, favorite products, new ideas, and more in our weekly series, Out of the Kitchen.

With a few smart ideas on hand, it's a breeze for our food editors to stay refreshed and well-fed on the sunniest days. Hit the deck with their alfresco favorites, plus a brilliant to-go bottle and an appetizing new book.

Cool Refresher

This invigorating eastern European beverage, pictured here, has been around for centuries. "Kompot is like a grown-up fruit punch, and it gives overripe plums and peaches a new life," says senior food editor Lauryn Tyrell. You can spike it, too: Just add a splash of vodka or gin or top off with Champagne before serving. Peaches, nectarines, and plums work best in this recipe, but you can use any combination of soft, fragrant fruits.

Carry a Cold One

Looking for a way to go green while still enjoying a cup of iced coffee outdoors? Here's a savvy solution. "On steamy days, I don't leave home without my Soma cold-brew glass bottle ($40, I scoop fresh coffee grounds or green tea leaves into its removable filter (it slips through the lid), pour in icy water, and let it steep overnight or on-the-go. Another plus: the double-wall design means it never sweats," says deputy food editor Greg Lofts.

Tasty Road

In Falastin: A Cookbook ($31.99,, Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley—Yotam Ottolenghi's right-hand man and woman—share the zesty dishes that Tamimi grew up eating, like chopped salads and za'atar eggs. Not surprisingly, the recipes travel wonderful. Food editor-at-large Shira Bocar is way into the musabaha, a dish of warm chickpeas with green chile sauce and toasted pitas, and assistant food editor Riley Wofford has bookmarked the hummus and labneh balls.


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