10 of Our Favorite Catnip Toys for Cats

domestic long-haired cat with catnip toy
Courtesy of Tuft + Paw

Ask any modern cat lady and they'll say the same: Felines go wild for catnip. "Nepetalactone is the compound found in catnip oil responsible for causing the temporary euphoric response experienced by many felines," explains Dr. Vanessa Spano, DVM at Behavior Vets. "The response of domesticated cats to the nepetalactone oil is often a sequence involving sniffing, licking and chewing with head shaking, cheek rubbing, and body rubbing."

With all of the licking, chewing, and rubbing catnip can induce, it's essential to invest in catnip toys that are both appealing to your cat and built to last (at least more than a day or two). "The best catnip toys are made from durable material and mimic prey species so the cat can interact with it by pouncing or batting with their paws," explains Jackson Cunningham of Tuft + Paw. "Look for a durable and textured material that will be harder for your cat to chew or claw through."

However, no matter how much your feline friend loves catnip, there are some types of toy you'll want to avoid for safety reasons. "Be careful to not buy toys with strings or plastic pieces attached to it that can fall off or be ingested," says Kris Kaiser of Yeowww! Catnip. "Strings and plastic pieces are especially dangerous for cats because they can cause blockages if swallowed."

In the market for some well-made catnip toys that are perfectly safe for your pet? We rounded up ten of the best catnip toys for your perusal, and Cleo is bound to love them all.

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Multifunctional Matters

tuft and paw cuppa tea catnip toy
Courtesy of Tuft + Paw

The only thing better than a catnip toy your feline will love is one that you'll enjoy looking at, too. This teabag-inspired catnip toy is designed so cats can wrap their body around it and features a thick rope at the end that humans can dangle.

Shop Now: Tuft + Paw Cuppa Tea, $29, tuftandpaw.com.

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Mouse Trap

the foggy dog mouse felt catnip toy
Courtesy of The Foggy Dog

These little mice are too adorable featuring gold embroidery details, perky little ears, and enticingly dangly string tails. Each one is filled with premium organic catnip and is composed of tightly felted wool that will help clean your cat's teeth while they chew.

Shop Now: The Foggy Dog Mouse Felt Cat Toy, $7, thefoggydog.com.

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Double the Fun

cat person jean-michel fish catnip toy
Courtesy of Cat Person

The only thing better than an adorable dangling cat toy is one with catnip in it, too. This plush fish toy is stuffed with catnip and hangs from a string on rod with a bell to boot.

Shop Now: Cat Person "Jean-Michel" Catnip Toy, $7, catperson.com.

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Mod Pods

hauspanther studio striped catnip pod cat toy
Courtesy of Hauspanther Studio

These little toys pack a big punch: They're made with super durable upholstery fabrics and stuffed with 100 percent organic catnip, no other fillers. Each one is handmade at the Hauspanther Studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

Shop Now: Hauspanther Studio Catnip Pod Cat Toy, $4, shop.hauspanther.com.

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Close Knit

mungo and maud knitted owl catnip toy
Courtesy of Mungo & Maud

This charming wool-knit owl is designed with gingham-ribbon wings and filled with poly fibers and catnip.

Shop Now: Mungo and Maud Knitted Owl Cat Toy, $26.50, us.mungoandmaud.com.

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Kitty Grin

cheshire and wain catnip toy cheshire cat
Courtesy of Cheshire & Wain

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's timeless tale of Alice in Wonderland, if your cat is the mischievous type, then this is the toy for them. This hand-stitched felt Cheshire cat is made from recycled wool and velvet, packed with potent organic catnip, and given a grin to almost look like the real deal.

Shop Now: Cheshire & Wain Catnip Toy Cheshire Cat, $16.80, cheshireandwain.us.com.

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Bouncy Fun

kong naturals straw balls catnip toy
Courtesy of KONG

Looking for an affordable catnip toy that's also environmentally sound? Each of these ball toys are filled with premium organic catnip and composed of an eco-friendly straw weave that will help clean your cat's teeth while they chew.

Shop Now: KONG Naturals Straw Balls Cat Toy, $6 for 2, chewy.com.

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Fun Florals

sweet pickles designs the big kicker floral catnip cat toy
Courtesy of Sweet Pickles Designs

Why settle for a humdrum cat kicker toy when you can have one that's printed in Rifle Paper Co. fabric? This toy is filled with an all-natural catnip blend and comes clad in different textured fabrics so your cat won't get bored with it easily.

Shop Now: Sweet Pickles Designs "The Big Kicker" Catnip Cat Toy, $12, etsy.com.

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Go Groom-Friendly

purrfectplay catnip kitten mitten
Courtesy of Purrfectplay

A catnip toy that also grooms your cat is a gift that keeps on giving. This mitten-shaped catnip pillow is constructed from woven denim and organic canvas so it helps clean your cat's teeth and dull their nails while they flip, toss, and chew on it.

Shop Now: Purrfectplay Catnip Kitten Mitten, $10, purrfectplay.com.

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Animal Instinct

cat connection vermont homegrown organic catnip felt elephant
Courtesy of Cat Connection

What could possibly be cuter than a handmade catnip toy? How about one designed to look like an elephant. This charming organic catnip-filled toy is constructed of 100-percent cotton and backed with a soft minkee fabric that your cats will love.

Shop Now: Cat Connection Vermont Homegrown Organic Catnip Felt Elephant, $6, thecatconnection.com.

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