Stock Up on These Taper Candles for All Your Summer Dinner Parties

The Floral Society Fancy Tapers
Courtesy of The Floral Society

Ahead of an evening of entertaining, you do all you can to craft the prettiest possible tablescape. You've pulled out your favorite china and serving plates and arranged a colorful centerpiece (or two!) as a focal point. The only thing missing? Candlelight. While we'll never tire of votives in glass holders—they're great for delivering soft light that radiates from the base of the table, up—we're partial to taper candles. Thanks to their height (most options clock in around 12 inches), they bring a touch of elegant drama to just about any setup—even a family dinner.

Though there's nothing wrong with the standard options, we'd encourage you to look beyond bulk sets of white tapers and to get creative with your color palette instead. After all, taper candles can do more than simply cast a warm glow on the meal below: They can reinforce the unique colorways and textiles you've so carefully set your table with. That's why we went ahead and rounded up some of favorite options on the market, all of which bring a little something different to the table (literally!). From ombré and color-blocked iterations to gemstone- and earth tone-inspired hues, there's something for just about any design aesthetic, whether you gravitate more towards classic, rustic, contemporary, or minimalist décor.

And while we're fans of sticking with a single shade throughout, using several only creates a more dynamic tableau (which is why we've included several assorted sets). Ahead, the most colorful, surprising taper candle options to buy right now. Stock up on these, and don't be surprised if your lovely candles are the first tabletop detail your guests notice.

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West Elm Unscented Taper Candles
Courtesy of West Elm

Looking to set a gemstone-inspired tablescape? Use these jewel-toned taper candles as accents; stock up on a single hue, or mix and match for a ruby-, sapphire-, emerald-, and amber-inspired setup.

Shop Now: West Elm Unscented Taper Candles, from $18 for set of two,

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Color Block

British Standard Striped Dinner Candles
Courtesy of Etsy

Bold color and pattern enthusiasts will love these striped, color-blocked tapers, which come in a myriad of combinations.

Shop Now: British Standard Striped Dinner Candles, from $20.85,

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Urban Outfitters Ombré Taper Candle Set
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Bring a touch of whimsy to your tabletops or coffee tables with these ombré candles. Mix and match the colorways for an extra dose of fun.

Shop Now: Urban Outfitters Ombré Taper Candle Set, $12,

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Tiny Tapers

Williams-Sonoma Tiny Tapers in Ivory
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Of course, there's nothing wrong with traditional white taper candles, and we're partial to using these miniature options. Since they're smaller, you can add more to your tabletop, which makes for a more visually intriguing display.

Shop Now: Williams-Sonoma Tiny Tapers in Ivory, $12 for 12,

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Northern Lights Smokeless Tapers
Courtesy of Anthropologie

The most difficult part of purchasing these tapers from Northern Lights is selecting your favorite statement-making colorway.

Shop Now: Northern Lights Smokeless Tapers, $18 for set of six,

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English Blue

Arhaus Rustic Taper Candles in English Blue
Courtesy of Arhaus

Display these bright blue tapers in antique holders for a vintage-inspired, rustic feel.

Shop Now: Arhaus Rustic Taper Candles in English Blue, $9 for two,

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Colorful Columns

Favor Column Candles
Courtesy of Favor

If you're looking a sea of tonal colors—not just your average shades of ROY G BIV—look to Favor's candle columns. They have one-of-a-kind shades, from tangerine to rose, to suit any color palette exactly.

Shop Now: Favor Column Candles, $5 each,

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Earth Tones

Hawkins New York 13" Taper Candles
Courtesy of Hawkins New York

Looking for a set of muted candles to suit your rustic aesthetic? You've found them. From taupe and ochre to sage and rust, these tapers would look perfect in your farm house.

Shop Now: Hawkins New York 13" Taper Candles, $8 for set of two,

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Twists and Ridges

The Floral Society Fancy Tapers
Courtesy of The Floral Society

For a nuanced, textural tablescape, mix and match candle shapes as opposed to color. We love The Floral Society's offerings, which including braided and twisted iterations, along with options in multiple heights.

Shop Now: The Floral Society Fancy Tapers in 18", $37 for two,; The Floral Society Fancy Tapers in 10", $26 for two,

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Magic Hour Assorted 12" Taper Candles
Courtesy of Magic Hour

Creating a multi-hued, dynamic display is easy with these small-batch, handmade taper candles, which come in bunches.

Shop Now: Magic Hour Assorted 12" Taper Candles, $13,

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The Floral Society Taper Candles in Clay
Courtesy of Burke Decor

Minimalists, bookmark these terra-cotta-hued candles, which were inspired by the earthy medium.

Shop Now: The Floral Society Taper Candles in Clay, $15 for pair,

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