These varieties are hard to kill and promote focus.

woman sitting at work desk with plant
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Whether you head into an office every day or work from home, your work space should be in an environment where you feel productive and focused. Plants can help with this—they remove toxins from the air and really brighten up the room by bringing the outside in. We asked Emily Jackson, the operations manager for My Gardener, LLC, to help us find the best plants to keep in your office space. Here are her recommendations.

Golden Pothos

Jackson's first choice? The Golden Pothos, which she considers a staple; it can tolerate different light and temperature conditions. "Most of the issues I ran into when I took care of office plants involved either over- or under-watering," she says. "But Pothos are great because they remain fairly moist, but will also tolerate a bit of drought, and are therefore hard to kill." According to Jackson, this variety can even survive in windowless rooms—just be sure to water them about once a week.


If you're looking for a colorful tropical plant to liven up your office, Jackson suggests getting a Croton. They thrive in bright, indirect light and with consistent watering. "I recommend a soil probe to assess how wet the soil is. It can look dry or wet from the top but be a different story below the soil," she says. "And then try to water it roughly the same amount each week." If you're noticing that the leaves are turning brown around the edges, adjust the watering conditions and trim off the brown parts with scissors.

ZZ Plants

One type of plant that Jackson has in her own home office is a ZZ Plant, also known as a Zanzibar Gem. She tells us that these plants are low-maintenance, as they prefer to stay pretty dry. You can give yours a moderate amount of water about once a week. "It also enjoys bright, indirect light, but can also do well in lower-light conditions—it will need less water this way," she says.


You simply can't go wrong with Dracaenas. "They are very interesting plants that come in a variety of sizes and can tolerate a variety of light conditions," Jackson says. In other words? It's pretty hard to kill them. But, if you go for a plant in the Dracaena family, keep them away from the heater during winter and make sure you don't overwater them. They prefer bright, indirect light. One last tip from Jackson? "All indoor plants will also look their best if you rotate them when you water—the shape can get wonky if the plant is facing the same direction all the time or if one side gets significantly more light than the other."


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