Consider them for your summer paint projects.

By Sara Dickinson
June 24, 2020

You don't need to be an interior designer to experiment with paint color in your home—you just need to follow along with Fresh Coat. We'll help you tackle all of your home's painting projects, from choosing the ultimate color palette to perfecting your method. You'll be prepped, primed, and ready to roll (literally) in no time.

There's nothing like a relaxing summer vacation—it's something you look forward to all year long. But what if you could take the vibe of your favorite warm-weather getaway and channel that directly into your home's design landscape? It's absolutely possible—especially through paint, our experts say. Simply select a hue that speaks to said beach locale.

beach themed decor living room space
Credit: Getty / Daniel Hurst Photography

Miria Killam, a best-selling author, home decorator, educator, and the founder of Understanding Undertones, says to opt for bright summer colors like coral and aqua, even if your go-to ocean-side hotel plays it safe with bright whites and monochrome neutrals.Bright white or modern gray doesn't speak to the sparkling ocean scene just beyond your window, but dynamic teals, like Benjamin Moore's Cool Aqua, or punchy pinks, like Sherwin-Williams' Coral Reef, absolutely do.

So, keep the seascape a priority, and skip those white and off-white shades that might seem safe but lack that energy you feel when walking on the sand. Ultimately, says Killam, there are better neutrals to choose from if you are searching for something more subtle. "Super pale greiges (or warm gray-whites) make fresh and versatile backdrops for bright, beachy colors without feeling too stark," she says (plus, they mimic sand!). Her favorite options? Sherwiin-Williams' Panda White or Pearly White pair perfectly with a bold orange shade like the brand's Robust Orange.

You can't go wrong with a bold and neutral pairing, agrees Hannah Yeo, the color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore; she loves the combination of their pale blue Ocean Air and creamy White Dove. "Accent it with Tranquil Blue and it brings me back to a peaceful walk along the shorelines of Maldives Island during my honeymoon a few years ago," she shares. Whether you opt to bring calming ocean-inspired hues into your home or tropical tones like coral, consider painting your space with bold colors inspired by your favorite seaside vacation. You'll feel like you're out of the office all year round.


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