10 Front Door Decorations for the Fourth of July

patriotic fourth of july outdoor home decor
Anna Williams

Every summer, the Fourth of July explodes across the country in a display of fireworks and patriotic decorations. From festive events around town to backyard BBQs, Independence Day brings people together to honor America's freedom.

Steeped in 244 years of tradition, the Fourth of July is an embodiment of American pride. The beloved holiday has people waving the American flag in traditional as well as innovative ways. While some take to the streets in red, white, and blue attire, others spend the special day hosting at home with friends, family and neighbors.

Whether you plan to throw a big Independence Day bash, or you're simply looking for a way to honor the holiday leading up to the big event, there's a flurry of Fourth of July craft projects and decorations out there including bunting for your fence, wreaths for the season, window swag and garlands, tablecloths, and patriotic centerpieces, and fun activities for the kids. Before you get started, there's one place that deserves your utmost attention: the front door.

After all, your front door sets the scene. Its color, design, and size provide personality that speaks of the people behind it. It's both the most formal entry to the home and the most inviting. The front door is a welcoming sight. From hellos to goodbyes, it's where first greetings and "see you laters" take place. It's as emblematic as the holiday itself.

In celebration of our country's independence, brighten your front door with American colors, stars, and stripes. Here, we've curated the best ideas that will have the facade of your home looking festive in no time.

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Festive Window Swag


A grand entrance deserves an equally grand decorative statement. This pathway flanked with flags leads the eye up to the front door with a pair of patriotic window swag. This project is easier than it looks: Just join two pieces of 18-inch-wide bunting side by side, then pleat the bottom and display over the windows with dowels.

Shop Now: American Flags Express Patriotic Flats, $37.30, flagsexpress.com. Woodpeckers Square Wooden Dowels, 1/4" by 36", $14 for 10, amazon.com; Woodpeckers Round Wooden Dowels, 1/2" by 36", $19 for 10, amazon.com.

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Patriotic Door Medallion


This crisp design is a welcomed alternative to the typical patriotic rosette. Greet guests with this bull's-eye pattern by piercing and trimming the bunting. Simply measure and cut two 39-inch-long pieces of bunting, join them together by aligning the stars, then bond using fusible webbing or by stitching the 1/2-inch overlap together.

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Brass-Star Ornaments

Aaron Dyer

Fourth of July is more than just red, white, and blue—it's colorful fireworks and golden sparklers amid a starry sky. Inspired by this image, use flat-nose pliers to bend and shape inexpensive brass strips into these five-pointed ornaments that dangle at the doorway.

Shop Now: K&S Precision Metals Brass Strips, 1/2" by 36", $26.45, amazon.com; Knipex Flat Nose Pliers, $25.30, homedepot.com; E6000 Clear Adhesive, $4.72, homedepot.com.

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Sailor's Knot Wreath

sailor's knot wreath
Ashley Poskin

Nautical for summer and patriotic for Independence Day, decorate your front door with a sailor's knot wreath tied in a red, white, and blue ribbon. The natural rope ensures that, rain or shine, your quick handiwork holds up for summers to come.

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Flag-Patterned Fence Swag


Leading up to the front door, adorn your white picket fence with flag-patterned swag. First, measure the desired length of your swag; then, cut 1 3/4 times this length of bunting. Pleat the fabric by creasing both edges of a block of blue, and fold both creases so they meet in the middle, covering the blue; the red and white stripes will line up. Pin in place. Repeat this along the length of fabric. Remember to spray with starch and iron the folds as you go. Sew along the top using a straight stitch. Remove pins, and flip the fabric over.

Shop Now: Annin Flagmakers Bunting with Repeating Large U.S. Flag, $17 per 25 ft., amazon.com.

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Mussel Shell Wreath

mussel shell wreath

Perfect for the Fourth of July with its red, white, and blue ribbon, yet still understated enough to keep up throughout the season, this wreath will make a statement all summer long. To create this shell decoration, begin by collecting about 80 clean mussel shells. Glue them between the wires of a metal wreath form, tucking the heel of each under the one set before it. Add two more layers of shells on each side of the first. To hang, use monofilament.

Shop Now: Ashland Wire Wreath Frame, starting from $4.79, michaels.com; Sea Treasures Box Blue Mussel Shells, $8 for 30, etsy.com; Celebrate It 360 Grosgrain Stripes Ribbon, $5, michaels.com.

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Paper Pinwheels

Charles Schiller

Whether you want to make a clothespin pinwheel wreath using red, white, and blue, or simply tuck them in a basket to spin in the wind, these patriotic whirligigs are sure to catch the eye of passersby as they admire your décor outside your front door.

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Screen-Door Number

Aaron Dyer

Give your screen door a simple summertime makeover. Inspired by an iconic year of American history, 1774, we stitched a house number in colorful nylon twine directly into the mesh, using its existing grid as our foolproof guide.

Shop Now: Everbilt Mason Twine, in Neon, $6 for 250 ft., homedepot.com.

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Star-Spangled Door Mat

Star-Spangled Door Mat
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living Television

A festive front door is a sum of its parts, and while the door itself is the main attraction, where guests land their feet is equally as important. Stencil a doormat with craft paint so that it pays homage to the American flag. Flank the door and its mat with pails stuffed with personal-size flags to boot.

Shop Now: Plus HavenPure Coco Coir Doormat, $24, amazon.com; Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Brush Set, $10, michaels.com; Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint, in Wild Blueberry and Habanero, $2.49 each, michaels.com; Anley Flags, $16 for 50, amazon.com.

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Door Frame Flag Banner


Upgrade your front door with a brilliant fabric banner consisting of American flags. If you have a swinging gate, take things one step further and attach a series of flags to it using a staple gun or drill holes in a piece of 2-by-2-inch lumber the diameter of the flag dowels.

Shop Now: Annin Flagmakers Bunting with Repeating Large U.S. Flag, $17 per 25 ft., amazon.com.

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Flag Door-Frame Banner

Marcus Nilsson

Keep your front door décor as classic as 1776. A beautiful, large American flag waving in the wind from its holder outside your front door is all you need to celebrate the iconic holiday.

Shop Now: Annin Flagmakers American Flag , starting from $23, amazon.com.

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