Steve Hadeka's mini wooden abodes, which are designed in a variety of bold hues, are not to be missed.

By Nashia Baker
May 26, 2020
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Depending on who you ask, a dream home would be described in a variety of different shapes,  sizes, and styles. Whether you love the look of retro design or have long hoped to buy a classic farmhouse, the options really are endless—so why should it be any different when choosing a birdhouse for your yard? Woodworker Steve Hadeka's is on a mission to bring unique, beautiful birdhouses to life, and he's busy creating some of the most exciting styles—with some seriously fun inspiration—to life in his woodshop. According to Apartment Therapy, the drummer turned woodwork enthusiast began creating wooden birdhouses in 2012 and hasn't looked back since.

The Vermont native's current inspiration for his pieces? It all starts with his own home. "I have this romanticized vision for our house to become one of those cool retro pads," he noted. Hadeka currently lives in a 1965 retro-style home with the fitting moniker "Pleasant Ranch," and though he's not renovating his own home just now, he creates miniatures inspired by the design he loves most—the homes depicted in The Golden Girls and properties he sees while vacationing in Miami. "It's a funny mix in Coconut Grove: You have the Grandma-retro thing, but also the modern glass newfangled thing, so I'm influenced by both of those styles," he adds.

While every piece is unique, Hadeka notes that it takes about two or three days to create each birdhouse—the paint being the step that takes the longest. He works with a variety of colors when making his birdhouses, and most recently chose brighter hues to make them stand out even more. Experimenting with shapes is next on his list of to-dos, he noted: "I have this idea for [a birdhome with] flowing curves. I'd probably use a bandsaw for that."

You can find Hadeka's pieces on his Etsy shop, also named "Pleasant Ranch," where his profile shares his simple motivation for creating every item. "I like to create little woodworking projects that hopefully make others happy," his bio states.


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