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Cle tile bathroom floor and Calacatta subway tile shower walls

Is your shower feeling a little tight on space? Thankfully, you can expand your bath's storage capacity without undertaking a full renovation. In fact, creating some extra space is as easy as choosing the right shower storage products. Here, Gilat Tunit, professional organizer and the owner and founder of The Project Neat, explains exactly how to do so.

Consider Your Options

If your bath doesn't have shelves, Tunit says that hanging a simple caddy around your shower head can make an impactful difference. "There are many caddies that allow for all types of products," she says, adding that you can use a wall-mounted iteration if hanging one around the nozzle doesn't work for you.

And you aren't limited to caddies, either. "There are an array of gorgeous products that can be used to maximize space and store products like shampoo, body wash, and conditioner," says Tunit. If you have some surface area to play with, you can get really creative with beautiful baskets, bins, and various bath trays, she adds. "I love the idea of dressing up the bath space with all things bath-related—and then throwing in a candle for good measure."

Pick the Right Solution for Your Shower

Not every shower is the same, so it's important to choose storage options that are adjustable—from caddies to tension rod shelves—so you can customize them to your space. Tunit says she favors products that have multiple sections and can accommodate various types of products: "For example, there are caddies that allow you to [hang] loofas on a hook, lay down bar soap, and stand up bottles, all in one." Whatever type you choose, just make sure you select one in a material that can withstand the wet and humid bathroom environment. That may mean skipping metal, as they tend to rust over time.

Remove or Downsize Your Products

Sometimes, freeing up room in your shower doesn't require adding storage—it's often more important to remove the products you simply don't use. Another option? Downsize your must-haves by decanting them into pretty custom bottles that better fit your space. "There are companies that will provide an array of sizes and styles for all of your hygiene items," she says, adding that she's a fan of the options via Heartland Lettering. "They have a beautiful collection to choose from."

Corral Toys

If you have kids, your bath storage issues might be a problem of excess. To create more space, Tunit suggests having less to contend with. "First, purge! I know it's hard, but let's get rid of all the things your kids simply don't need," she says. "Next step is to separate all the toys into easily understood kid-friendly zones outside of the bath." Once that is done, she suggests getting bins to store everything. "I love using cubby storage systems. I find that it's a perfect solution for kids toys in most scenarios."


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