Martha Shows Off the Tulips Blooming at Her Bedford Farm

Our founder has been tending to her perennial garden during quarantine.

yellow tulips on Martha's farm
Photo: Martha Stewart/The Martha Blog

It's no surprise that Martha Stewart is exercising her green thumb during quarantine. On her blog, our founder showed off the beautiful blooms growing in her garden, which currently include tulips, peonies, and green ferns. "One of the gardens I've been giving special attention to this season is my perennial flower cutting garden, located between my main greenhouse and my Equipment Barn," writes Martha.

Her perennial garden is 150-feet by 90-feet and continues to expand each year as Martha and her personal gardener, Ryan McCallister, add more options annually. "A couple of weeks ago, we completed a big footpath project in this garden—lining the main pathways with black granite bricks and gravel, giving it a more formal, more manicured appearance. Every year, I add a number of flowering plants—each specimen carefully placed depending on its mature size and growth habit," Martha explains.

According to our founder, the tulips are the main beauties in full bloom on her farm right now. Tulips, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are perennial plants that open up each spring. "They are grown for their graceful leaves and bright and cheery flowers," writes Martha. "Some are traditional and cup-shaped, some have fringed petals, others have pointed ones, and some are full of fanciful ruffles. Some varieties even carry a soft, subtle scent."

Martha Stewart's tulips
Martha Stewart/The Martha Blog

"This flower has multi-toned petals of peach, orange, and creamy yellow making it a versatile favorite for floral designers. It opens to a ruffled bloom that resembles a garden rose or peony," she says.

Martha says that although tulips are usually associated with Holland, they were actually cultivated in Turkey and rose in popularity in Europe during the 17th century. In her garden, our founder grows tangerine, rose and ivory, deep red, and bright pink tulips, ranging in size from six to 24 inches tall and at least 12 inches wide. "Tulips have been hybridized in just about every color except blue. Most tulips have one flower per stem, but there are some multi-flowered varieties," Martha explains.

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