When you're on-the-go, this accessory is a do-it-yourself upgrade for all of your summer adventures.
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Person holding woven tote
Credit: Kirsten Francis

A-tisket, a-tasket—you can fashion a breezy tote out of any basket. "We were inspired by straw market bags and the mix of handles can make an interesting tote," says Living home editor Lorna Aragon, who came up with this idea. "Handles also come in different shapes, colors, and materials so there are many combinations that you can achieve." She adds that a soft-sided basket—like The Basket Room Safi Medium Natural Storage Basket ($61, thebasketroom.com) pictured above—works best. Lorna paired hers with an 8-inch Pacific Trimming Bamboo Ring Handle ($8 each, pacifictrimming.com) fastened with a 3/4-inch Buckle Guy 2014 Brass D-Ring ($2.25 each, buckleguy.com).

To make your own, start by unscrewing a metal D-ring, and poke the end through the weave at the center of one side, an inch below the rim. Then, attach a round bamboo or wooden handle. Repeat this on the other side for a second handle. (If you're feeling extra-creative, skip the D-ring and use an embroidery needle and bright thread to stitch through the basket's weave and over the handles, as shown below.) So, whether you go big and beachy or petite and chic, your new bag will make every summer outing an absolute picnic.

Two woven totes
Credit: Kirsten Francis

If you're thinking about making your own, take inspiration from our choice of materials (listed here) that were used to make this additional pair of tote bags.

Shop Now: The Arc Shop Found Collection Ivory Sisal Cylindrical Baskets, in Large, $56 (above left), and Medium (above right), $32, thearcshop.com; Pacific Trimming Bamboo Ring Handles, 5" (above left), $6 each, pacifictrimming.com; Pacific Trimming Wooden Ring Bag Handles, 5 1/4" (above right), $8 each, pacifictrimming.com; DMC 6-Strand Embroidery Floss, 56¢ for 8 mm, michaels.com.


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