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Lined serving tray
Credit: Kirsten Francis

Eat, tray, love. Maybe not in that order, but you get the picture. Line these basic bamboo options with caning, patterned oilcloth, or cork (all are water-resistant), and serve bites and drinks with flair.

"Oilcloth comes in so many fun patterns!" says Living's style editor at large Naomi deMañana. "It would be easy to change out again and again. And is easy to wipe clean! I especially love looking for Japanese and Nordic inspired folk-art prints like these, which were originally designed by hand creating an innocent playful pattern that feels humble and unique."

To line a serving tray like ours shown here, trace a round bamboo tray with a pencil on the back of cork fabric, oilcloth, or a piece of caning. Using fabric scissors, cut out the circle 1/8-inch smaller than the drawn line. Place the cut fabric inside of the tray; if it doesn't lay flat and smooth on the tray's bottom, trim it a smidge more. Glue the fabric to the tray's bottom, making sure it's centered before you press to adhere, and let it dry completely. With that, you're ready to celebrate the start of summer with cool drinks and delicious snacks—preferably poolside.

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