Shades that bring the outdoors in will dominate, say our experts.

You don't need to be an interior designer to experiment with paint color in your home—you just need to follow along with Fresh Coat. We'll help you tackle all of your home's painting projects, from choosing the ultimate color palette to perfecting your method. You'll be prepped, primed, and ready to roll (literally) in no time.

Does your space need a color refresh? With so many shades to choose from, it can feel daunting to make the right choice—especially as we approach the warmest season of the year, when a lot of paint jobs happen. To help you on your search for the best new paint color for your home, we asked a few experts to weigh in on the hues they think will be popular this summer. Hannah Yeo, Color Marketing and Development Manager at Benjamin Moore, expects to see shades that bring the outdoors in—think: timeless off-white tones, soft blues that evoke a feeling of relaxation, and warmer pastels tones that energize a space.

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Plus, it's more important now than ever before, she says, to feel these emotions in our interior spaces. "As we spend more time in our homes, the need for multifunctional spaces will continue to rise and this new lifestyle shift will influence homeowners' color choices," she adds. "Versatile colors that work with flexible spaces and colors that evoke emotional responses will be at the forefront." Ahead, summer-ready colorways that do just that—and are perfect for your warm-weather paint project.

Green and White

Yeo recommends pairing a fresh shade of green, like Benjamin Moore's Crystalline or Cushing Green, with shades of white for a revitalizing, clean look. Her recommendation on that front? Benjamin Moore's White Heron, which she loves for the accents. Interior designer Michelle Gage agrees that greens will be popular, noting, however, that she thinks darker iterations will dominate. "People are connecting a lot more with nature in 2020 and will start to gravitate towards selecting similar tones for their interiors," she explains.

True Blue and Teal

Color expert Miria Killam, the founder of Understanding Undertones, says to expect lots of blues, greens, and whites—and also believes warm shades of yellow will be popular. "Since we've seen dusty pastels and deep jewel tones play out for the last several years, I think we will see some truer blues and greens that are crisp and preppy, a bit nautical even," she says. As for her picks? Teal tones, captured in Jargon Jade or Cruising from Sherwin Williams, are foolproof.

Coral—Not Pink

Killam also recommends selecting coral tones, like Sherwin Williams' Quite Coral, this summer instead of traditional pinks. Pair the bold color with a neutral like Pearly White or Casa Blanca, also from Sherwin Williams, she notes. "Super pale grays that are almost white, like Sherwin Williams' Fleur de Sel, are also lovely backdrops for vibrant summer color," she says. If coral is too rich a shade for your home, consider leaning towards something closer to orange, like the brand's Summer Day.

Updated Pastels

It wouldn't be the warm-weather season without refreshing pastel shades, notes Gage. As for her candy-colored predictions? "Light lilacs and blues will be big," she says, noting that the powder purple hue "is a sophisticated update from millennial pink" and that "pale blue is timeless, but fresh."

Transitional Colors

Like wine-stained red, adds Gage: "I think we'll see a rise in warm, juicy mulberry tones. This color will surge in the summer, but transition beautifully into the fall and winter."


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